Starting Over Again -COMPLETED-

One Boy. One Girl. What happens when these two people cross paths again? Follow the adventure of Toby as she starts her journey over again with the BIGGEST Pop band member Louis Tomlinson.


32. Jason



   "Come on idiot, tonight is you're movie premiere, we have to celebrate by at least going to your favorite Ice cream parlor." I begged Toby; who was currently eating her Third Ben and Jerry's. I swear she could eat the whole store if they let her.

"No Jason, I just want to seat here while I slowly die of depression." She grumbles, shoving a spoonful of Ice cream in her mouth. I rolled my eyes; getting all heroic now.

"You know what, that's it. You're going and that's final." I snapped, picking her up, whilst she complains and kicks. I walk up the stairs, reaching the bathroom, before placing her down, she looked at me, cocking her eyebrows, before walking to her closet, picking out a nice lace white dress, with orange heels and a matching jewels. "Okay so you're going to put this on, and then were going to go. Got it?" I demanded, and she nodded her head slowly, before walking inside the bathroom, still looking confused.

   As soon as I heard the click, I ran downstairs; pulling out my phone out, and Dialing Perri's number.

"Pick up, Pick up..." I repeated, running my hands through my hair. "Hey." I bellowed, maybe a little too loud.

"Hey Jason, did you get her ready yet?" Her voice cooed, with some ruffling in the background.

"I already manage to get her in the bathroom, which took alot of work, but I'll make sure I left before Louis comes." I utter, looking back at the stairs.

"Oh okay cool, gosh I can't believe were doing this." She utters letting out a little sigh.

"Hey it's for a good cause, but what we should be worry about is if it will all workout!" I explained, and I can hear a loud boom.

"Ugh! Shit, text me when you're there, I have to go clean up Harry's shit." She giggles lightly, making me laugh.

"Alright I better let you go, before any one else trashes anything else." And then there was another loud crack. Spoke to soon. I hung up, just as soon as Toby began strutting down the stairs. "Wow....You look amazing." I gasped, as she twirls around slowly.

"You think?" I nodded. Thank God I was Gay, I don't know how a boy could resist her, I don't how Louis kept with her without jumping on her, If you know what I mean.  "So where are we going?"

"I told you already, let me just get my coat, and we'll go." I utter quickly running to my room. "You ready?" I inquire, putting one hand inside the coat. She nodded, before I led outside.

    Twenty minutes of driving, and twenty minutes of 'Are we there yet? Where are we going?'. Seriously she's like a bouncing chipmunk all of a sudden. After another five minutes, I finally turned a curb and into the park's parking lot.

"Here we are my little chipmunk." I teased, only to earn a hard punch. Dam she got a good hand. 'Or you're just weak' Shut up Conscience. "Do you want Ice cream?" She cocked her head, giving me 'Are you seriously asking me that' Look. I laughed before nodding and walking to the 'parlor'.

  Walking to the little Ice cream shop, I hear 'Psst' Sound coming from the little bushes near the pond. I stopped walking, and slowly walked towards the sound. Gosh I hope I don't die today.

"Jason." The person utter excitedly,crashing their arms around my neck. "It's me Perrie." Oh thank God, i thought I was hallucinating. I laughed hugging her tighter. "Okay lets get to business...The boys are going to be here in five minutes with Lou, so it gives you plenty of time to come up with some excuse, and the girls are here somewhere. They wanted to experience the park." She air quotes, making both of us laughed.

"Okay, I better get going before she starts to look for me." I kiss her cheek, before walking to Ice cream shop and buying two cups before jogging back to her.

"What took you so long idiot? I thought I was going to die." She utters pointing to the man in the black clothing, like five meters away from us. I busted into fits of laughter.

"I'll protect you." She smiles, before shoving the cookie dough Ice Cream in her mouth. "Typical Toby." I chuckled, as she smirks at me. We ate our Ice cream in silent until I looked at my watch, panic shot through my body. "Hey, Toby I'll be right back."

"Where are you going? Are you trying to get me killed?" She inquires terrified.

"No...Unless you want me to pee on you?"

"You know what...Go" She laughs, and I ran, looking back to see if she was looking. Thankfully she wasn't and I run into the bush near the pond, to find the boys and girls.

"Well Hello, am Jason, Toby's friend." I utter shaking their hands, whilst they mumble a 'Nice to meet you'. "Okay so where is Louis?" I clasp my hands together, waiting for an answer. The Girl I believe to know as McKenzie or Kenzie for short, Points towards the way I was running from.

"Wait for it...Wait for it...2...1"



That's all we heard, because we weren't that far from them and because they were really loud. The girls began to chant, as we all high-five each other.

Aww I feel so proud.

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