Please...Stay...I Need You

Krista and her twin brother, Alex, have been sent to boarding school in the absolute middle of no where. This spoiled rich girl finally realizes what she had and in the end, she ends up back to where she was...depending on somebody else...but this's for the sake of her heart.


25. You're back. :)

Justin finally texted me. 'Look out your window babe.' By now it was winter, freezing cold and snow falling hard on the ground. "It's the most beautiful time of the year, lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer I should be playin in the winter snow, but imma be under the mistletoe I don't wanna miss out on the holiday but I can't stop starin at your face I should be playin in the winter snow but imma be under the mistletoe with you, shawty with you with you shawty with you, with you under the mistletoe." Justin sang, smiling up at me. I put my hands over my mouth as a smile came up from underneath them, a tear falling down. I hadn't seen him or even heard from him in months, maybe that was the plan. He was gonna stay low for a while until my parents cooled off.

When he finished his song, I ran outside and hugged him. "I love you so much Justin." I pulled him into a sweet kiss. My parents rushed out with me and saw Justin and I kissing. It was like..something clicked inside of them. They didn't even care. They smiled to each other and then went inside. "Justin it's you wanna come inside for some hot chocolate and cookies? My mom just made them." I took his hand and walked in the house with him. Life, was better. I had my Justin back. How long, didn't matter. I just.. I had him back now. Everything would be alright.. for a while.

Justin and I cuddled on the couch with a blanket, a plate of warm sort of gooey chocolate chip cookies, and two mugs full of hot chocolate. "Do you wanna watch a movie?" I suddenly asked. He nodded. I went over to the TV and turned on the wii, getting the Netflix ready. I scrolled through the Christmas movies and looked at Justin with puppy eyes. I landed on "Jack Frost", an extremely adorable, but sad movie, I cried every time I watched it. He smiled and nodded. I hit the button and rested my head on his chest, my eyes glued to the TV. My brother came down from his room and started throwing marshmallows at us. Not the little tiny ones, the big, huge, fluffy ones. Justin caught one of them in his mouth and I giggled. "That's hot. What else can you do with your mouth?" I pulled him down for another kiss and my brother threw another at Justin's head, then left the room to go back up to his.

The majority of the night we spent watching Christmas movies, then I started to get tired and I fell asleep in his strong arms. When I woke up the next morning I was in my bed and Justin was gone. I got up and went down the stairs, smelling cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon, French toast. I walked into the kitchen to see Justin at the stove. "Hey.. this one's a keeper. He makes the best coffee and the best food." My mom said from the kitchen table, a coffee mug in her hands. "I second that." My brother said as he took a sip from his cup. "Morning babe." Justin smiled at me and pulled a plate from the cabinet. He filled it up with the food and put it at a place on the table, a cup of coffee the way I like it right after. "Thanks babe.. this all looks amazing.." I took a sip of my coffee and sat it back down. At the head of the table was a newspaper, which my father liked to read every morning, and an empty coffee cup. I heard someone coming down the stairs and there was my dad, already dressed in a suit for work. "Good morning Sir, how do you take your coffee?" Justin asked while he grabbed the empty mug, going to the coffee pot. "Black, lots of sugar." He came back with the coffee and sat it on the table, then took a plate from the cabinet and sat the full plate of food in front of my dad. "Thank you Justin." He smiled.

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