Please...Stay...I Need You

Krista and her twin brother, Alex, have been sent to boarding school in the absolute middle of no where. This spoiled rich girl finally realizes what she had and in the end, she ends up back to where she was...depending on somebody else...but this's for the sake of her heart.


14. Shine Bright

It feels like we've been out at sea, oh, so back and forth that's how it seems, and when I wanna talk you say to me that if it's meant to be it will be.

I started out on stage as Justin was watching me, his eyes bright. When Justin kinda took over I just stood there listening to his voice. It was so angelic and magical. how could one boy-. I was interrupted by my thoughts when he came in front of me, taking my hand and spinning me like we were dancing. The song seemed like it was lasting for so long and I didn't mind. But my mind was so distracted by the tight white pants and purple hoodie with purple supras he was wearing.

After it was over, the judges gave us an 8, a 9.5 and even a ten. So that meant tomorrow we could perform tomorrow, but... he said he wanted to do this one alone. I understood that I guess. I knew I wasn't good and I knew he knew it too now.

We went out to dinner for celebration and then back to his place. We cuddled for a while on his bed and I looked up at him. "Justin?" Those brown eyes flashed down at me. "Yeah?" "What song are you doing tomorrow?" "It's a surprise." "Oh come on Justin just tell me. Pleaaassseeee?" "No means no!" he was so cute, he ran out the door then came back with a can of whipped cream and sprayed it on me. "Okay fine!!" I laughed.

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