Please...Stay...I Need You

Krista and her twin brother, Alex, have been sent to boarding school in the absolute middle of no where. This spoiled rich girl finally realizes what she had and in the end, she ends up back to where she was...depending on somebody else...but this's for the sake of her heart.


9. Making Up And Out.

I couldn't stop kissing him, I had been craving his kisses for so long I just couldn't stop. I pulled him on top of me on the couch and he pulled back abruptly. "Krista, we're in high school, we'll have all the time in the world to go further, I promise." I nod and blush as he gets off me and sits me upright. "I missed you." He flips his hair and his eyes reveal a sparkling of love that I had missed so much. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked looking me deep in the eyes. Our gazes met and I nodded and kissed him, my arms going around his neck.

Everything went back to the way it had been, Justin and I were finally talking again and passing notes, and most of all, just cuddling. I had missed cuddling with him so much, his arms wrapped tightly around me like an iron cage.

I went over to Justin's one day when his roommates had went out to see a movie. "Hey baby." He smiled, looking down my body. "My eyes are up here." I motioned to my eyes as I saw his were fixed on my breasts. He chuckled nervously and blushed a little. "So can I come in or am I gonna just stand out here?" He moves aside and strips me of my shirt shutting the door. "Uhm...Justin...?" I quickly cover my breasts. "Relax." He says and kisses my cheek. He goes in his closet and grabs a Wayne Gretzky hockey jersey and puts it on me. "It's yours now." He smiles and I hug him. "Awwe, thank you baby."

We sat on his couch and cuddled. He tilted my head up and pulled me into a kiss. His lips were so soft, so luscious, like little clouds. He slowly deepened it and his tongue was exploring my mouth. My hands tangled in his hair and I soon moved on top of him again. His hands held my waist and then his lips snaked around to my neck and a moan shyly left my parted lips.

Of course we were interrupted with his roommates coming back. "OH BIEBER! GETTING SOME ACTION FINALLY!" Ryan called and then closed the door back. I blushed and just went and sat in the beanbag chair farthest away from you. "I'm sorry..." I blushed once you came over to me. "Do you want to...? I mean...if you want to I can..I want to make you happy." "No...Justin I'm not like one of those girls." "Then at least come and cuddle with me." "I have homework to do babe...I gotta get going." I gave him a quick peck on the lips and grabbed my backpack and left.

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