Please...Stay...I Need You

Krista and her twin brother, Alex, have been sent to boarding school in the absolute middle of no where. This spoiled rich girl finally realizes what she had and in the end, she ends up back to where she was...depending on somebody else...but this's for the sake of her heart.


12. Lyrical Talent

~ Author's note: sorry I haven't updated. serious writer's block. but i went to his concert last night so i'm all better now.~

As soon as I got to my dorm room, Justin was immediately over me, pulling a blanket over me, handing me soup, and putting a wet wash cloth on my forehead. "Justin this is unnecessary, really I'm fine." "I don't care. My beautiful girlfriend is not going to have to do anything when she's sick." I dropped it and let him take care of me.

For about two more days, Justin helped me with my homework, typed up my papers, did my laundry, and cooked for me. It was like heaven. I got annoyed though because I felt lazy, so after the two days I politely told Justin to stop. He understood and we just cuddled on the couch.

A few weeks passed without Justin bringing up the ring anymore. I was completely distracted in class, writing a song about Justin in my notebook. The teacher took it and read it. "Krista finals are next week and if you don't want to pass keep writing about Justin. Kids and their so called "Lyrical talent" " He threw the notebook in the trash and continued with the review.

After class, Justin grabbed my notebook out of the trash and read it. "Hey, this is good." "Don't try and make me feel better's trash." I took it from him, ripped out the page, tore it apart, then threw it back in the trash. Justin soon caught up to me. "You know...I could use your help in this song I've been writing." "Justin I suck. I'd only run your music into the ground." "It's called 'Overboard'." I sighed. "What time do you want me over?" "8?" "Fine..."

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