Please...Stay...I Need You

Krista and her twin brother, Alex, have been sent to boarding school in the absolute middle of no where. This spoiled rich girl finally realizes what she had and in the end, she ends up back to where she was...depending on somebody else...but this's for the sake of her heart.


21. Justin's Place

As Justin unlocked the door and carried me up the stairs, I was getting impatient. I ripped off my stilettos and threw them in some corner. Justin laid me on the bed, already tossing his snapback and shirt to the floor. He got on top of me and I started to fumble drunkily with the button on his skinny jeans, he slid them from his long, slender legs and started to kiss my neck. His lips found a spot that made a sudden moan come from my parted lips. He made a love mark that would certainly show up tomorrow, but right now, I didn't care. I wanted Justin Drew Bieber. He unzipped my dress, leaving me there in my black lace lingere. "Babe get a condom." I leaned up and kissed his neck. He got off me and went to his dresser.

After we had finished, we were cuddled up together and that night I lay naked with Justin. I have gave my virtue to him that night, that drunken blurred night.

I woke up the next morning with an insane headache, an overwhelming feeling to vomit, and I was extremely confused. I jumped out of his bed without waking him, and went into his bathroom, quietly shutting the door. I looked at my naked and bruised body and I notice the blue-violet splotch on my neck, about two inches up from my collar bone. I couldn't hold in the alcohol in my system any longer, I bent down and got violently sick, at least throwing up four shots and a few sips of tequila.

After about ten minutes, there was a knock on the door. "Krista..It's Justin. Are you alright in there?" No. I wasn't alright. I had gotten incredibly tipsy the night before and couldn't remember a thing of what we had done last night. When I didn't answer he came in, caringly rubbing my back as I got sick another time. "Justin..what did we do last night?" I asked as I got up to rinse my mouth out. "We went out to a club, had a couple of drinks, came back here and-" "Stop. Did we have sex Justin?" "Yeah.." I sighed. "I need to get a shower...i'm so dead when I get home.." He nodded and left the bathroom, grabbing me a towel and a wash cloth.

After my shower, I felt a little better, but not by much. Justin had brought up some of Pattie's clothes that would fit me and placed them on the counter while I was showering. I put them on and came down the stairs. Justin and I were still alone, and he was making a subtle breakfast, to help settle my stomach. I smiled as he patted a seat at the dinning table and placed a plate in front of me. "How's your stomach?" "It's a little better...thanks for taking care of me." I smiled a little. I finally realized I had been a little rough on him this morning, what with the vomiting, the headache, the clothes he had to get me, that I had to get a shower and that I couldn't remember a thing from last night. "It's no trouble sweetheart."

"Was it good?" I suddenly asked him. "What?" "The sex.." I shyly said. "For a girl who's shy about the subject you certainly know your way around the bedroom, let's just leave it at that." He winked and I blushed and sipped at the ginger ale he had given me, chewing on the straw. "You chew on your straw when you get nervous. You were chewing on it at the club last night and then like 5 minutes later you were grinding on Jerry." "Who's Jerry?" "Nothing. Let's just say you got acquainted with him well last night." "Justin did you seriously name your penis?" "Maybe.." "You're too cute."

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