Little Sister

My name is California Styles. But you can call me Cali. My parents and I were in a rather serious car accident. I'm fine but the steering wheel locking up costed my parents their lives. Now I'm moving in with my brother Harry and his four best mates.



5. Rehearsal


We walked up to Anna's house and Liam knocked on the door. She opened it almost instantly. When she saw Cali and I, her eyes widened. But other than that she was her normal, Peppy self. 

"Hello boys." she said with a smile. 

"Hi." we all chimed in unison. 

"Come in, come in!" she said opening the door wider. Maybe she was just a little too peppy today. 

She brought us to her living room and once we sat down, she got right down to business. 

"I was going to do a song with each of you individually then combine you all together!" she smiled. Ok, this was getting weird. But we all nodded anyway. 

"Who do you want first, Mama A?" Zayn said. It took all my power not to wince at the words. It was ok when I knew it was coming but as a surprise...?No. I looked at my sister who was looking at me, and I just put my arm around her, hoping no one saw. The only one who took notice was Liam, who mouthed: "Are you Okay?" I just nodded and moved my hand signaling for him to keep quiet. 

"Harry?" Said Anna. I looked up at her. Shoot. She was going to yell at me for coming AND bringing Cali. 

"Ok. Sure. Where?" I asked casually even though I knew what was coming. 

"My office?" 

I nodded and followed her, leaving my sister with my four mates. 

When we got to her office, she had cleaned which took me by surprise.

"So Anna, what song are we doing?"

 But it took ten seconds before it started coming. 

"What are you doing here? Did the boys make you? No, they wouldn't do that. Who did? Management? Bah, what am I doing?" she sighed. "Are you okay, honey?" she pulled me in for a hug. I chuckled at her rambling. 

"I'm fine, Anna." 

"Are you sure? Because I heard Cali is all depressed and stuff. It must be so hard for you two. How is she? How is my baby girl?" She asked, concerned. 

See, Anna had a husband, but no kids. So she viewed all of us as her kids. Which, in a way, was true because we were a "1D Family" as the fans called it. 

"Anna, Cali is doing better." I said grabbing her shoulder and looking into her eyes. "Right now, you need to calm down." I said. "I just wanna forget everything, so can we get to practicing?" 

She nodded taking a deep breath. "Ok, sweetie. What song do you wanna do? I'll let you pick." wow. I was picking the song for the day. That was different. She always picked the ones we needed help on. I was going to take advantage of my opportunity. 

"Gotta Be You?" I asked. You could never practice that one enough. Especially with my high notes in the song. 

She nodded, and with that, we went through the song once, correcting little errors and such. It was an easy session. 

"Can you send in Zayn?" She asked once we finished. I nodded. Then went back to the family room. 

"Who next?" Niall asked. 

"Zayn." I said. He stood up and high fived me n the way to Anna's office. I plopped down next to Cali and Louis. The minute I sat down, Cali whispered in my ear. 

"How mad was she that you showed up?" she whispered. I sighed. How do I respond to that?

She must have seen confusion on my face or something because she goes: "Say no more...say no more... We can talk later." 

"About what?" Niall said. 

"Brother sister stu-" She was interrupted by Liam. 

"We don't want to know. " He said. 


The next half hour was me sitting there listening to the boys just talk while I was swimming in word vomit in my head. 

I hate management. Why would they make Harry come here? What are we supposed to do? The funeral was on Saturday and Harry and I have nothing to wear. We don't want anyone to be there anyway. We want alone time. Why did things have to be so hard. We just wanted some alone time with them. We didn't want people telling us they were so sorry, and how they understood our pain, because none of them did. They noticed it, but couldn't understand it. 

I hated funerals. I hate everything about them. They are sad, and everyone is crying, and I hate noting more than sad people. 

I felt tears well in the back of my eyes. 

No. I'm not crying here. It is just not going to happen. I have to think happy thoughts. Puppies running in a field of flowers with little bunny rabbits. 

It wasn't working. I had gotten myself all wiled up. I needed to get out of here. 

"Harry, can you show me where the bathroom is?" he looked over at me and panic fled through his eyes. He Knew as well as i did that i knew where the bathroom was. He nodded. We stood up to leave, but walking down the hall into the nearest bedroom instead of the bathroom. I sunk onto the bed and let a tear fall. 

"Was it something I said?" he said. 

"No! I was just doing my horrible habit of thinking." he nodded. He must understand. Being left alone with your thoughts was the worst. 

He whipped a tear off my cheek. "How about we go back to the boys and you can participate in our professional conversation about food."

I smiled. That boy can make anyone smile. "Ok. Can you tell I was crying?" I asked him. 

He shook his head. I looked in the mirror anyway, and he was right, you couldn't tell. 

"Sorry. This is my fault." He said. His eyes were now welling up. "You would be better off at home. Do you want me to take you there?" he asked. 

I shook my head. "If I didn't have you, right now, I would be in the fetal position, home alone, crying on the floor." I handed him a tissue. 

He hugged me and we headed into the living room. 



When we got back, everyone was sitting in the living room laughing. 

"We were waiting for you! Where did you go? Lou asked. 

"We went to the bathroom." I said. 

"Together?" Zayn asked. 

"Eww."Niall said. 

"No."I was quick to defend us. "We were-"

"We were talking to Jack. We saw him on the way back." Cali Said. Jack was Anna's husband. I had to remember to give her props later for that awesome save. "And the reason we went together because I hadn't been here in a while and I forgot the way." 

I nodded. But in my head, I was mentally hugging her and kissing her cheek. Thank the lord for her being so good at lieing. Wait... Had she used that on me before? Who cares!?!?!

Everyone believed it except for one person. Anna. She eyed us suspiciously, Staring us down, but we just looked away. 

"So should we go rehearse?" Niall asked awkwardly. 

"Yea..."said Anna, standing up. That woman can read through the emotions of anybody. 



That was weird. They are weird. I don't know, just I don't know. 

We stood up to go rehearse and were half way there when I realized Cali sitting on the couch, alone, just playing with her hair. 

"Niall?"I said. 

"Yea?" he replied Shooting his head my way. 

"Should we bring Cal?" I asked. He looked over at her. 

"Nah." Harry said. "She'll be okay for a few minutes." but his eyes were cold. 

I shrugged. 

When we got into Anna's office, we did "Gotta Be You" three times, then decided to call it a day. 

Just as I was about to walk out the door after everyone when there were hands pulling at my back. 

"GAH!" I said as I was being pulled. 

"Shhh..." Said a concerned Anna. 

"Oh. What?" 

"Look after those two. They may seem okay, but they aren't."

"You're telling me..." I said to myself. 

"Zayn, I'm serious. Now go!" 

She shoved me out the door. Wow. That was so like Anna. 

I hopped in the back seat. 

"What the-" Cali said, confused. 

"I don't know. I don't know." I said. 



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