Little Sister

My name is California Styles. But you can call me Cali. My parents and I were in a rather serious car accident. I'm fine but the steering wheel locking up costed my parents their lives. Now I'm moving in with my brother Harry and his four best mates.



1. Moving Day


"And this is where you will be staying, Cal." Harry said. "I made your bed for you, and we can unpack tomorrow. But I want you to get some sleep. Okay?" he asked. I nodded. He sighed, hoping for a verbal response. I hadn't spoken sense the accident two days ago. I wanted to, but I couldn't. It was like my voice evaporated with the accident. "I'll see you in the morning." he kissed my forehead, and walked out of the room. 

I sighed. This was my new life. 

I hopped into bed and almost instantly fell asleep



I walked downstairs and sat in the living room with the boys. There was silence, but Niall was eager to get information. 

"Well?" he asked hopefully. "How is Cali?"

"Still no talking." I sighed. 

"How can she, of all people, not talk for so long?" Louis asked, gobsmacked. 

"I don't know." I said. " But remember, it has only been two days." 

"That's true." sighed Liam. "Just give her time, Boys." 

There was a moment of silence. Before Niall spoke for all of us. 

"I miss her." said Niall. 

I wanted to reply, but I couldn't think of the right words. 

"We all do, buddy." Liam said. "The Cali we love is in there somewhere, we just need to find her." Leave it to daddy direction to speak for all of us. 

There was a silence as we were lost in our thoughts before Louis asked me a question. 

"We know she is not talking, but how is... She? Her physical state?" 

"Fine." I said. "Well, not fine, her concussion is still there and stuff, but she is getting better." I paused. "However a few times today I caught her just bawling her eyes out." 

Just as Zayn was about to say something, there  was a scream from upstairs. 


*Cali's Dream* 

Mom, Dad, and I were rocking out in the car to Bon Jovi, annoying everyone Outside the car. When, all of a sudden, my mom screamed. 

"What's wrong?" my Dad asked. 

"THE STEERING WHEEL LOCKED UP!!!!!" my mom shouted. She kept going as we screamed our lungs out. We could only go straight, so we plowed into the tree that was dead in front of us. 

Mom flew through the windshield and hit her head on the tree, Dad hit his head on the dashboard, then the remains of the windshield as he bounced up from the impact, I hit my head on my Dad's seat; hard. 

I screamed in pain, then looked at the lifeless, bloody body of my father and the twisted, bloody body of my mother. I screamed in terror. 

Then I whipped out my phone and called emergency. Screaming into the phone. Once I hung up, I tried to open the door, forgetting about the child saftey locks from when I was little. I screamed in frustration, trying to break the window to get outside. 

Within minutes the paramedics showed up. They opened up the door and carried me out of the car. I flailed to get to my parents but they just told me to calm down. I would have protested, but my head was killing me and I couldn't process anything. 

They took me into the ambulance, asking me questions that I couldn't answer, and analyzing my head. My parents were wheeled into another ambulance, and I broke their grasp, running to them. I heard faint "stop her"s from behind me. But I didn't stop, I just kept running to see my parents. 

When I got to the ambulance, I witnessed the horror of my parents being covered by black cloths I screamed and then I shot up, clutching my head in pain, screaming, shaking, and sweating. I broke into tears. 



We ran upstairs frantically calling Cali's name. I opened her door and found her crying on her bed, shaking sweating. No murderers, ghosts, or anything... What scared her? Then it hit me. She had a bad dream. 

The boys and I sat on her bed. I pulled my little, broken, sister into my chest, which she accepted. She just sat there, crying her eyes out. Her brown, curly, hair fell in front of her face and her deep green eyes didn't have their usual sparkle that I haven't seen in days. 

My heart literally broke. 

The six of us sat there, listening to Cali cry. 

"Guys, can I have some time alone with Cal?" I asked. 

They were unsure, but nodded and left the room. 

"Cal, I know what you are going through. I miss them, too." my voice cracked. "But it is going to be ok. We WILL get through this." I said. She nodded and sniffed. Then we just sat there in silence. I looked down at Cali, and realized she fell asleep. I gently placed her on her back and tip toed out of the room. Walking right past the boys, I went in my room and went straight to bed. 

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