Little Sister

My name is California Styles. But you can call me Cali. My parents and I were in a rather serious car accident. I'm fine but the steering wheel locking up costed my parents their lives. Now I'm moving in with my brother Harry and his four best mates.



3. Finally Talking Again

I hate this chapter. It is VERY fillerish. But, whatever. It will get better next chapter.



I woke up at like 10:30. I started to head downstairs but stopped when I heard talking in the living room. 

"You'll be fine." said a voice that was definitely Harry's. 

"But what if I freeze? I froze in front of that woman. What if it's just you I can talk to?" it couldn't be. No. How? When had Cali started talking? It took all of. My will power to not start cheering. 

"Just think about how you have known them for years. You will be able to talk to them. They are like your brothers, too." 

I heard a sigh and took that as my cue to continue walking, I was suddenly nervous. 

"Hello, those on the first floor." I yelled walking into the kitchen.

"Hey Lou." said Harry. 

Nothing from Cali yet. 

"Are you the only ones up?" 

There was silence for a moment. 

"Y-Yea."Said Cali. "The rest of the boys are asleep."

I paused. Suddenly surprised. I ran into the living room. 

"What?" I said. 

"You heard me." she said with a smile. 

I cheered the cheer I had been holding in sense I was standing on the stairs . "You're talking!" 

"Shh..." Harry said. "We don't wanna wake the boys."

"Fine." I said. There was silence for a minute. But I couldn't take it anymore. I opened my arms. 

"I can't take this." I said plainly. "Get over here." she got off the couch and came into my hug. 

"You guys need anything?" I asked pulling away. 

They shook their heads. And I proceeded into the kitchen to continue making my breakfast.  

"How are you going to surprise the boys?" I asked. 

"I wasn't planning on it. I was planning on just talking in front of them." 

"Nuh uh. You gotta do something crazy." I said. 

"Well What?" She asked. 

"I heard some walking upstairs, so you gotta do this..." I said explaining my master plan that just clicked in my head. 



I woke up to Zayn and Liam plowing on top of me. 

"What the heck guys!" I said. "What was that for?" 

"Everyone is up. We checked the bedrooms. No one is there. We gotta go downstairs." Zayn said. 


"Yes." Said Liam. 


"Yes." Said Zayn. 


"Yes." said a different voice. I sat up and saw Cali in the door frame. 

Liam and Zayn ran up to her and hugged her. she smiled, then walked up to me and hugged me. But what I didn't see was her grabbing a pillow from behind me, which she slammed in my face. 

"Get up Niall." She said as she ran downstairs laughing, followed Liam and Zayn. She's  herself again. 

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