Little Sister

My name is California Styles. But you can call me Cali. My parents and I were in a rather serious car accident. I'm fine but the steering wheel locking up costed my parents their lives. Now I'm moving in with my brother Harry and his four best mates.



4. Explain?


That night, Cali had one nightmare again. But it was slightly better because we could talk about it. She said she basically relived the accident. I must say, if I had that dream, I would wake up screaming, too. 

The next morning, she came downstairs later than the day before. 

"Hey." she said when she saw me. "You're up early. It's 9:30." 

"So are you." 

She shrugged and started making her breakfast. "You need anything?" she asked when she saw me staring off into space. 

"Umm...." I said. Should I? No. That has to be a touchy subject.  Know what? I'm going to ask her. "Can I talk to you?" I asked. She looked at me and nodded, sitting down at the table with some pop tarts. "It may get... Awkward." I warned her. 

"Harry, I'm your sister. Nothing is awkward unless it's sexual." she laughed. I forced a weak smile. "Ok, what's up." 

"What exactly...happened? During the accident. I mean I know what happened, but you were there, I'm curious" I felt horrible asking, but I had thought about it all morning. However, it was almost as though Cali rehearsed her answer. 

"I don't remember it fully. It all happened to fast. But the steering wheel locked up, and mom just went straight hoping for a miracle but we had no such luck. We were forced to drive the opposite way down a one way road and hit another car. The other car, kind of, drove away. Mom went through the windshield and dad hit the dashboard so hard his head shot up, breaking the remaining glass. The rest is more clear in dreams because my head was hurting so much, but I remember the horror of seeing them..." she stopped. I could tell she was going to cry. 

"You don't have to keep going." I said putting my arm around her. 

"No. You deserve to know" she said as a single tear slid down her cheek. "seeing them being... You know... Erm... Covered." 

There was silence for a moment. Then she asked me a question. "How did you even know it happened? And how did the paramedics tell know? What's your story?" 

"Well I'm not exactly sure how they got my number, but I got a call saying there was an accident with you three, and I just headed to the hospital. They said that mom and dad were... gone... and they gave you meds that made you sleep because you had a concussion. They wouldn't let me see you so I just waited." she nodded on encouragingly. "I decided to sneak into your room, because the idea of you waking up alone sickened me. And you know what happened next." my voice cracked. That was when I confirmed mom and dad dead to her and we just sat there and cried. But I didn't wanna talk about that. 

There was silence. 

"Now what?" She asked. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

"What are we doing today, big brother?" she asked. I smiled at her pathetic attempt at a nickname. 

"Well... I have singing lessons for the tour in two weeks." I said.

"No. Are you kidding?"

"No. I'm not. Management is a-" 

"Witch with a capital B?" she said with an eyebrow raised. She hated it when I swore. 


"Do you want me to come?" she asked. Bah...what the heck. It would be nice having her there. And it could get our mind off things. 

"Would you?" I asked. 

"Sure. Do you think it would be okay?" she said pointing to her head. 

"Yea. We are just perfecting stuff at Anna's house." Anna is our vocal coach. 

She nodded. "Can't you just not go to one thing?"

I chuckled. "It doesn't work that way, Babe." I said flipping my hair. She smiled. "What?" I asked. 

"Just thinking..."she said. 


"How millions of girls would have killed to see that in person." she laughed. 

"Cute. Very cute."I said rolling my eyes and standing up. 

"No! Don't go." she whined. "I'm sorry." 

I chuckled. "That's not why I'm getting up. I have to wake the boys." I said. 

She gasped and smiled. "CAN I HELP?" she asked. 

"Yea. Let me just get some tools." I winked. She clapped her hands together. She was definitely my sister. 


"1,2,3!" Harry said before he blasted Michael Bublé in Louis ear while I hit him in the face with a pillow. 

"What the-? I live with maniacs!!" Harry and I burst into laughter. 

"We woke you up first because you can help us find ways to wake the others." I said as he sat up. 

"I don't know!" he said. "What are you doing up at this ungodly hour anyway?!?"

"We have Lessons with Anna today, Lou." Harry said. 

"Ungodly Hour?" I asked. "It's ten o'clock." 

"Cal, that's an ungodly hour to us and Haz, the lessons are on Wednesday!"

"TODAY IS WEDNESDAY!" Harry and I said in unison as Harry smacked his face with a pillow again. 

"Ok, ok, ok. I'll get up." he said, shooing us out of the room so he could change. 

After he was up, we pounced on Niall, blared heavy metal in Zayn's ear and pulled Liam out of bed. Those must have bee joyful ways to wake up. 

After the boys got ready, we all went outside to get in the car. 

"You're coming, Cal?" Niall asked as I hopped in the car. 


"Then we can officially party." Niall smiled. "Yea buddy." 

I laughed probably harder than I should have, but his little comment put me in a good mood. 

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