The Stranger from October

jasmine peters is a 17 year old teenager that is suffering severe bullying.she is a shy,emo girl that has a past. she is at her breaking point until she is saved by a stranger during october. he is a mysterious boy with a shy side to him,ZAYN MALIK. he says that they will meet again and leaves. when they do meet again, she is beaten half to death. he carrys her home and nurses her back to health.she learns that the boys that live they're are the famous band one direction. they begin to fall in love, what will she do? she is scared that her violent past will catch up to her dragging zayn and the boys down along with her. will she take the risk, or let her heart take control?


2. our first meeting


                    jasmines p.o.v 

                    whats going on? why am i here? why was i born? what did i do?

                     when i opened my eyes, i saw him. he was sitting there by my bed with tears, his eyes closed. i looked around the room. from the sickening scent of rubbing alcohol and antiseptics, i could tell i was in a hospital. ever since i was a child, I've hated everything about hospitals. the sickening scents, the yelling patients, the annoyingly friendly nurses. it was all nauseating, but what i hate the most was the death. the constant flat lining. the crying relatives. a soul stolen from a body by natural or unnatural causes. the causes that took away my angelic, precious mother.

                     i turned my head to see that the stranger was there. you see i had been stuck in hard times last year around my mothers death anniversary. i was crossing the road when some kid from school came up behind me and told me to go jump of a bridge. i usually let stuff like that fall of my shoulders, but this brought back some painful memories. memories of me in the hospital with my mom, for the 5th time for her attempt of suicide jumping of a bridge. it stabbed me right in the heart.

                     i froze right in the middle of the road and a car began to head right towards me. a tear rolled right down my cheek. i was grabbed by someone an pulled back just in time. the car drove of yelling profanities at me. as i looked up, i saw a handsome face looking down at me staring.we made eye contact for a few seconds, which seemed like minutes. as i realized that i was still in his arms, i broke contact. i got up and looked down. he pushed my chin up and said"hi, I'm zayn malik. nice to meet you and you should pay more attention to the road". during that time, i didn't here half of what he said. i spent those few seconds strain at his lips. his beautiful pink lips, and his big brown eyes that seemed to stare right at me. for the first time in 5 years, i felt cared for. "hello?" he said smiling, which brought me back to reality.

                      "thank you for saving me", i said. he look at me, blushing."y-youre welcome" he stuttered. it was soooo CUTE!!! i began to feel the heat rushing to my cheeks. i quickly looked down knowing i was about to blush. He gave me a kiss on my cheek. then said " we'll meet again, i hope". i was so shocked by the kiss that all i could do was nod yes quickly. then he began to walk away. "zayn!" i yelled without thought. he turned around facing me, "yeah?" he answered. "my name is jasmine peters, and i know we'll meet again" i answered. he smiled at me. " nice to meet you jazz, see you later,bye", he said waving at me. my heart skipped a beat when he called me that, my mom used to call me that all the time. i smiled widely, tears forming in my eyes i waved back saying "bye,zayn, and thank you". then walked away. he did the same. now here he was again, saving my life and giving me more lost memories. both good and bad. yet, i didn't mind. i didn't mind at at all.


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