The Stranger from October

jasmine peters is a 17 year old teenager that is suffering severe bullying.she is a shy,emo girl that has a past. she is at her breaking point until she is saved by a stranger during october. he is a mysterious boy with a shy side to him,ZAYN MALIK. he says that they will meet again and leaves. when they do meet again, she is beaten half to death. he carrys her home and nurses her back to health.she learns that the boys that live they're are the famous band one direction. they begin to fall in love, what will she do? she is scared that her violent past will catch up to her dragging zayn and the boys down along with her. will she take the risk, or let her heart take control?


3. fear stricken


                           i fell asleep again after falling back asleep. i dreamt of my mom. the day when we went ice skating at the pond with my little brother, mark. to bad, that day was the end of the good old days. that skating day is the worst of my memories.

                     i woke up dripping in sweat and saw a face looking down at me. he had a worried look etched all over his face. " you okay?" he asked me. " i'm fine" i replied wiping a sliver of sweat that was about to roll of my fore head. i lied. i was in pain every where. my head to my toes, everything hurt. i looked around to see that i was in a wealthy looking house. there was a pool table at the side, a bar at the corner, an aquarium, and a bird cage, that contained what looked like a pigeon, it had a sign above the cage , 'do not touch kevin, he bites, feed ONLY carrots' it said. it also contained a bunch of other expensive looking furniture. " where is the bathroom?" i asked, looking back at zayn. " over there, i help you" he said pointing at a peach colored door, then began to pick me up bridal style. " i can walk" i said with a surprised look on my face. Ok he replied as he put me down on my two feet. he held me in place for a few seconds as i balanced myself. one step was all it took for pain to go shooting through my body. i began to fall to the floor to the ground, waiting for pain, but instead was accompanied by a pair of strong and gentle arms catching me. " and you said you didn't need my help, sure" he said sarcastically. "just get me to the bathroom" i said with a hint of humor in my voice. he smirked at that. i tried to put my arm across his shoulder, but he was way to tall. instead, he carried me bridal style, into the bathroom and set me down in front of the toilet. i stood there for a few seconds. "you do realize i can't pee with you standing there and watching me" i said. i saw as the redness appeared on his cheeks as he quickly turned around." go out of the bathroom or i won't pee?" i said as i pulled my knickers down. i sat on the toilet not able to pee. "i can't pee" i said a bit embarrassed. he backed up to the sink and turned it on, then went right back to were he was sitting."really?" i asked. he laughed and left the room with the water running. after i peed, i washed my hands and looked in the mirror on the wall and said to myself, 'omg, I'm hideous". i went to the door and tripped over my feet on the way there. i landed on my wrist and heard a loud crack. my scream ached through the room. zayn came running through the door and hitting my arm in the process, making me yelp out in pain. "are you okay!" he said loudly and panicked as he helped me of the floor. " i..think....i-i.....b-broke it" i said between sobs. it hurt sooo much. i began bawling my eyes out when i got up on my two feet. i realized that what hurt the most was my soul. i cradled my wrist in my hand as i cried loudly. zayn looked at me sadly not knowing what to do. he lead me out of the bathroom into a car and i saw a flash coming from the brush near by. i ignored it. when he put me in the car, i calmed down a bit. we began to drive away from the house. " where are we going" i asked him. "to the hospital" he replied. he looked at me through the mirror with tears in his eyes. i reached over with my good arm and patted his shoulder." its okay, i wasn't your fault, alright" i said. "okay, thanks" he said sniffing and wiping a tear from his cheek.

                  when we arrived, i got the news. my piercing was infected, i have 2 bruised ribs, and a broken wrist. i got a lime green cast and a patch on my ribs. i checked into my room and fell right asleep. i woke up to the sound of zayns voice urging me awake. i also heard the voice of my worst nightmare thundering through the halls. "where the heck is she.....JASMINE!!! WHERE ARE YOU, HUH, YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN, TO BAD, YOUR DEAD!!!" the voice yelled. 

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