The Stranger from October

jasmine peters is a 17 year old teenager that is suffering severe bullying.she is a shy,emo girl that has a past. she is at her breaking point until she is saved by a stranger during october. he is a mysterious boy with a shy side to him,ZAYN MALIK. he says that they will meet again and leaves. when they do meet again, she is beaten half to death. he carrys her home and nurses her back to health.she learns that the boys that live they're are the famous band one direction. they begin to fall in love, what will she do? she is scared that her violent past will catch up to her dragging zayn and the boys down along with her. will she take the risk, or let her heart take control?


4. a terrible memory


           "no,no,no,no,no, please, not now, not now, I'm gone die, he'll kill me!!!" i whisper yelled. zayn held my shoulders asking, "who, who is it?". i sunk back drawing my knees into my chest sobbing loudly. the voice got closer to my door. zayn carried me up and set me on the opposite side of the bed where i couldn't be seen. he signaled me to shush up and went out to the hallway. i heard an argument. then, my worst fear burst into the room. he went round to find me cowering by the bed. "there you are you selfish witch" he said to me. he grabbed me by the hair and i froze when i saw him pull out the kitchen knife hidden in his belt. OH GOD NO!!!

          just then zayn ran in holding up a gun. his hands were shaking. a million questions were going through my mind. why is he here? what does he want? how did he find me? were was zayn? how'd he get the gun? whats going on here? i noticed zayn had a cut on his lip and head. there was a little blood. "PUT THE KNIFE DOWN BOY, OR I'LL GUT HER LIKE THE PIG SHE IS!!!" he yelled at zayn. at this time i was wondering where in the world the cops were. "who-who are you?" zayn said. i could see the anger in his eyes. he wasn't shaking in fear, but in anger. "IM THIS LITTLE FREAKS FATHER!!!" he yelled. i winced at the word father. he stopped being my father after my mom died. that day, he became a devil. a devil who's main job was to torture me endlessly.


                   "dad when is she coming back?" i yelled whispered. "shut up" he whispered looking at the ground. i could see the anger and grief that was about to poor out of him. he had lost one person, and now he lost another. we had just arrived home from the mortuary. he had left me in the hall, and went into the room with the doctors and the cops, and left me with one of the nurses. she was a family friend. her name was celia. she held me in her arms and i saw tears sliding down her cheeks. she closed her eyes, held my ears closed and mouthed to me 'if he hurts you, RUN' i nodded okay. i was confused but i did any way. before i could ask her for an explanation, through her closing my ears, i heard my fathers agonizingly grief stricken scream.

              i looked at celia in wonder as she held me tight into her chest and whispered into my ear,'your mom always loved you sweetheart, always', i began to drift of when dad came out and grabbed me roughly of celias chest and she kissed my cheek goodbye. we drove n the car silent as usual. dad didn't like noise. hewn we arrived i asked questions.

             "WHEN IS SHE COMING BACK!!!" i yelled. just then he grabbed my neck pinning me up against the wall. i struggled to breath." ITS YOUR FAULT SHES GONE!!! YOU ASKED HER TO GO TO THE LAKE WITH YOU THAT DAY!!! SHE HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO TAKE ANDY, AND YOU SAT THERE AND WATCHED HIM DIE-" he continued to yell into my face.  when he saw that my face was turning blue he let go of me. i slid to the floor gasping for air regaining the color in my cheeks. he slapped me hard against the cheek and punched me in the face and stomach. i fell to the floor and tried to crawl away. he kicked me hard in the stomach making me double over in pain.

              "I'LL . MAKE . YOU . FEEL . HOW . SHE . FELT." he screamed kicking me in the legs. i began to cry and cover my self with my arms. it aggravated him more and he began to take of his belt. he then used the metal side to hit my body. it hurt so much wanted to die. "SHES DEAD" he yelled after he stopped the beating. those words hit me like stone. i ran into my room, to my bathroom and vomited what seemed like a month worth of food. i sat there and thought, this will be a terrible memory one day.



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