The Stranger from October

jasmine peters is a 17 year old teenager that is suffering severe bullying.she is a shy,emo girl that has a past. she is at her breaking point until she is saved by a stranger during october. he is a mysterious boy with a shy side to him,ZAYN MALIK. he says that they will meet again and leaves. when they do meet again, she is beaten half to death. he carrys her home and nurses her back to health.she learns that the boys that live they're are the famous band one direction. they begin to fall in love, what will she do? she is scared that her violent past will catch up to her dragging zayn and the boys down along with her. will she take the risk, or let her heart take control?


5. a built love

      jasmines pov

"IM THIS LITTLE FREAKS FATHER", he yelled at zayn. zayn looked at me with a look of shock in his eyes, but then he turned back to my father, with most amount of pure hatred and rage. "LET.HER.GO!!!" he growled at my father. "or what, your gonna shoot me?" he replied.


he raised the knife to my lip and traced them, causing me to wince, cause i knew what was coming next. a sharp pain on my bottom lip made me cry out in pain. a taste of salty blood flooded to my mouth, and drip onto the floor. i heard a gun shot, a sharp cry of curse words ring through the air, and my captor toppling to the ground.


he groaned in pain while cursing the day i was born. "I'LL KILL YOU. YOUR MOTHER NEVER-OH GOD-WANTED U-ARGH-DIE FREAK!!!", he yelled at me clutching his shot leg. i felt a wave of confidence come over me. I've had enough of his lies.


 i reached dow and grabbed a hand full of his hair, and pulled him of to face me and glared into his eyes. "my mother loved me, and always will, she loved you to, even though she knew what a stupid, abusive, tosser you are, and i hope you rot in hell you murderer!!!" i yelled into his face. he was stunned.


i spit on him and walked away, not before stomping on his bullet wound causing him to yelp in agony. i walked over to zayn to see a terrified look on his face, he spun me behind him and i heard a gunshot. next thing i know, i see my father toppling to the ground again, realizing he was about to charge towards me with the knife. can someone say relentless?!?!


a pool of blood began forming around him and it gave me flashbacks of bad memories. i fell to the ground crying and zayn also did to his knees and began sobbing, he hugged me cooing into my hair that we'd be alright. i sobbed into his shoulder till i soaked up his shirt. then after a while, i fell asleep to the sound of him whispering

'i love you'



Zayn pov

i was shocked at how verbal and physical she was with her father, and i wanted to do way worse to him. she began to walk towards me, and thats when i saw it. he rose off of the ground and came towards her. can someone say relentless?!?!


i panicked and spun jasmine behind me, and before he could bolt towards me, i rose the gun and pulled the trigger. a shot rang through the air. i saw him topple to the ground and land in a heap of his disgustingness. he deserved to be badly hurt, i wanted to walk towards him but i stopped.


the blood began to pool around him and i was terrified at the sight before me. i killed.....I KILLED ANOTHER PERSON!!! i fell to the ground crying over come by sadness, grief, fear, death, anger, and most of all, responsibility. i knew at that moment that it was me and jasmine forever. 


she fell to the ground next to me and i couldn't help but feel guilt. though he was a douchebag and a psycho, i just took her father away from her. i pulled her into my arms and whispered into her her that it would be okay and everything would be alright. i was actually trying to convince myself that. 


she sobbed into my shoulder till i could feel the heat of her tears. after a while, she began drifting off. i took all of my courage, and pent up determination and desire for her to be, no, stay mine. before she could drift off, i bent down, kissed her cheek, and whispered;

'i love you'


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