More Than Friends

This story is in your point of view. (Justin Bieber isn't famous). Justin has been your best friend since you were 4 years old. You would always hang out with him, Ryan, and Chaz. When you and Justin were younger, you made an oath that stated: "Best friends forever, no love." (You were about 6 when you made it)Justin has fallen in love with you; you have fallen in love with Justin. But you both remember the oath. You talked about it about every month, but this year it's different...


5. You Know

(Justin's P.O.V.)

I woke up and saw (Y/N) laying on my chest asleep. I tried to get up so she wouldn't notice but that didn't work. As soon as I moved she opened her beautiful eyes. I looked down and smiled.

(Y/N P.O.V.)

I woke up and saw Justin smiling at me. I was wearing the same clothes I had on yesterday. I was laying on his bare chest. I quickly stood up, hugged him, grabbed my bag, put my shoes on, and left.

The last time I slept over at Justin's was when my mom and I got in a huge fight and I didn't want to see her. But what I didn't know was that my dad had been beating my mom for a year. (I was 17 when this happened)

I got to my car opened the door, took my keys out of my purse, and through my bag into the passengers seat.

On the ride home I had so much on my mind. I thought about how my dad was in prison for beating my mom to death, how Michael cheated on me again, how I was single again, and how I could only trust one person...Justin.


(Justin's P.O.V.)

I walked to my bathroom, turn the shower on, took off my clothes and got in. After my shower I put on a white V-neck T-shirt, and a pair of shorts. I walked into my living room to clean up where (Y/N) and I slept last night. I remembered after she fell asleep I kissed the top of her head and put my arms around her.

When I'm with her I feel, I feel, it's so amazing I can't describe how it makes me feel. I have had that feeling for about a year and a half now. The day we normally sign our oath is in two weeks. I really don't want to sign it.

I love her more than anything.



*Later That Night*

(Justin's P.O.V.)

I got in my car and drove to (Y/N)'s house as fast as I could. When I got there I got out of my car, slammed the door behind me and walked up to her front door with confidence. I knocked on the door once, walked around in a small circle, knocked on the door with force three times and stood there. (Y/N) opened the door, and smiled. She was about to say something but was stopped by the force of my lips on hers.

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