More Than Friends

This story is in your point of view. (Justin Bieber isn't famous). Justin has been your best friend since you were 4 years old. You would always hang out with him, Ryan, and Chaz. When you and Justin were younger, you made an oath that stated: "Best friends forever, no love." (You were about 6 when you made it)Justin has fallen in love with you; you have fallen in love with Justin. But you both remember the oath. You talked about it about every month, but this year it's different...


6. What

(Y/N's P.O.V.)

I opened the door and saw Justin. I smiled and was going to ask him if he wanted to come in. But I was stopped. Stopped by his soft lips kissing mine.

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Before I knew it, I was at (Y/N)'s house. Kissing her with passion.

About 10 mins before I got here, I was at home about to eat the chinese food I had just ordered. But after I closed the door I had this huge boost of confidence. I have liked (Y/N) for a year and a half now. Ever since then I have had the urge to kiss her. And I guess waiting for a year and a half to actually do something about it makes you do some crazy shit.

After my confidence boost and having thousands of things going through my head, I dropped the chinese food on the counter, grabbed my keys, and ran out to the car. And ba-bam I'm here. Doing what I had wanted to for a while now.

(Y/N's P.O.V.)

Justin started kissing me with pure passion. And believe it or not, I did the same. It's almost like our lips were in sync. I swear it was two minutes until we both stopped for air. Justin just stared into my eyes and I did the same thing back. Studies prove that staring into someone's eyes without blinking for 6 or more seconds either means lust or murder toward the other person. We didn't blink for which seemed like hours. But good moments have to end and that time was now. When I asked under my breath so he couldn't hear me but that didn't work, "What?"

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