More Than Friends

This story is in your point of view. (Justin Bieber isn't famous). Justin has been your best friend since you were 4 years old. You would always hang out with him, Ryan, and Chaz. When you and Justin were younger, you made an oath that stated: "Best friends forever, no love." (You were about 6 when you made it)Justin has fallen in love with you; you have fallen in love with Justin. But you both remember the oath. You talked about it about every month, but this year it's different...


11. The Perfect Date

(Justin's P.O.V.)

My mom left about 10 mins ago, because she helped me get ready. It's 6 o'clock. My hair is how it normally is, I'm wearing a black suit and tie, and before I pick (Y/N) up I'm going to stop by the florist because I ordered one rose, just one. I have a bigger suprise for her later.

(Y/N's P.O.V.)

Justin said he would pick me up at 7. I have on my strapless black dress that stops in the middle of my thighs. My boobs and butt are basically hanging out of the dress, but I didn't really care. It was my prom dress. I don't normally buy dresses that are fancy. I put on a pair of black stilletos. I'm sure I'm the same hight as Justin now. He told me that we were going some place fancy but he wouldn't tell me where. I straightened my hair, put on some mascara, and painted my finger and toe nails black.

(Justin's P.O.V.)

It takes me about 25 minutes to get to (Y/N)'s apartment. It's 6:15. I think I'll leave a little early because I have to run by the florist. This is a big day for me. Everything has to be perfect. If anything goes wrong I will remain in the friend zone and never get out. I don't know if I could resist the urge of kissing her when we hang out. It's time to go.

I get in my car and drive to the florist, get my one rose, and drive to (Y/N)'s apartment.

(Y/N's P.O.V.)

*knock knock*

Justin's here. Right on the dot. Not bad. I thought. I fixed my hair, and opened the door. There stood Justin, wearing a black suit and tie, and holding a single red rose. After I smiled, Justin had a smile spread widely across his face. He held his hand out for mine. I put my hand in his and he walked me to him car. He opened my door and helped me in, "Thank you."

Justin ran over to his side and got in.

"Justin, why are you acting so polite? You never act like this around me. I thought this was going to be fun, not, like, super fancy," that was rude.

Justin looked over at me kind of sadly, "Sorry, I just wanted this to be perfect," he said with disappointment.

"I like hanging out with you, and I-"

"We aren't hanging out, (Y/N), we are going on a date and it has to be perfect," he interrupted me.

I was confused, "Why does it have to be perfect?"

We were at a stop light, for which seemed like forever. He looked over at me and said, "Because you're perfect."

I'm not perfect. Never has been and never will be. "Justin I'm not perfect."

The light turned green and we got to the restaurant. We were at Le Bernardin, one of the fanciest restaurants in town.

"You are me," he said before he got out of the car.

He walked over to my side and helped me out.

(Justin's P.O.V.)

I helped (Y/N) out of the car. How could she not think that she was perfect? She is perfect. Her beautiful (your eye color) eyes, her long (your hair color) hair, and her smile, it was all so amazing.

As soon as we were done eating, and after I paid. I took (Y/N) to one of her favorite spots. The cliffs where we cliff dived last year. I remember her telling me after we were done that it will forever be one of her favorite places.

"Justin, where are we going?" she asked.

I just smiled and said it was a suprise. It was definitaly a suprise, I had put down a huge white sheet with red rose petals all on it. And in the middle was a candle. We had arrived, I stopped the car and looked over at (Y/N). A tear fell from her right eye, a huge smile spread across her face.

"Justin, it'''s beautiful," she said as she stared in "awe".

"Only something beautiful for the most beautiful girl."

She looked over at me, another tear fell.I wiped it away with my thumb.

"C-c-can we go there?" she asked.

"Of course," I responded.

We got out of the car and she just stood there, in front of my car. I stared at her and then down at her hand. I slowly moved my hand over to her's. She looked over at me and then down at my hand. I feel stupid. She put her hand in mine. But I slipped my fingers in-between hers and sqeezed her hand in mine.

I walked her into the middle of the scenery, and lit the candle. The sun was setting. I sat down and gently pulled her down by her waist to me. She sat in-between my legs, she had taken her shoes off before she got out of the car.

We sat there for about 5 minutes without a word. But she broke the silence by saying one word that would change my life forever, "Yes."

I turned my head and looked at her, "What do you mean by 'yes'?"

She looked over at me and didn't say a word. She got up, and put her hand out for me to grab. I got up and held her hand. She walked me over in front of the candle and turned to me. I grabbed her other hand, put them up to my face, and kissed them. She blushed and said four words, "I love you, Justin."

I smiled, let her hands go, put mine on her waist, pulled her in close, whispered in her ear, "I love you, too," and started kissing her neck. She let out a slight moan, pushed my head away, said, "Not tonight," and kissed me. Not just a small little peck. But a long, hard, and passionate kiss.

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