More Than Friends

This story is in your point of view. (Justin Bieber isn't famous). Justin has been your best friend since you were 4 years old. You would always hang out with him, Ryan, and Chaz. When you and Justin were younger, you made an oath that stated: "Best friends forever, no love." (You were about 6 when you made it)Justin has fallen in love with you; you have fallen in love with Justin. But you both remember the oath. You talked about it about every month, but this year it's different...


15. I'm Ready

(Y/N P.O.V.)

It's been three days since I've seen my dad. I haven't left Justin's apartment. I have literally sat on the couch wearing Justin's pajama pants and t-shirts. (Yes, I've showered) Everyday he would go to work, and I would be alone. Justin works as a day-care "teacher" at the day-care we used to go to. He always comes home with little drawings that the kids made for him. I swear there are like 4 thousand drawings on his fridge.

The worst feeling in the world is paranoia. I'll hear one little noise and freak. Today I asked Justin if we could go to my apartment so I could get some clothes. After he gets home we are going. It's 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Justin gets off work at 5. Right now I'm sitting on the couch with my phone texting Justin.

Me: Heyyyy<3

Justin: Hellooo(:

Me: How's the day-care?

Justin: Loud, and Stephine keeps talking to me.

Ugh, Stephine.

Me: Oh...

Stephine is a girl who went to our high school and has always had a crush on Justin. She got a job at the day-care because Justin started working there. When Justin had a girlfriend she would get all jealous and try to make Justin think there was something wrong with them. Nobody knows about me and Justin yet. She is so annoying and won't shut up. She has long ombre hair(that I love...) a perfect tan, and she's so god damn skinny. You could fit her between an iPhone and its case. And she eats, all, the, time. I have to say, I'm pretty jealous. But, she's asked Justin out about 4 hundred times and he's always said no. Why? Because she has cheated on a ton of guys.

Justin: Yeah...hahaha, some girl is pulling on her hair!

Me: hahahah, she kind of deserved it.

Justin: yeah. I was talking to her friend Chelsea, and asked her what Stephine would do if you and I started dating and Chelsea said nothing because I already know everything about you. haha

Me: haha yep

He doesn't know everything about me.

Justin: guess what?

Me: what?

Justin: Jeremy just came and I get to leave early.


Justin: see you soon, love you.

And those are the words why, why I don't just end it. My life. "see you soon, love you"

Whenever I see the last two words I feel safe and wanted.

Me: love you too :*

Justin: You'll get that later. Just wait (;

Me: ok(:

Justin: I'm getting in the car, bye

Me: bye


*Twenty Minutes Later*


I hear a key turn in the lock. I turn around quickly and see Justin walk in with a bunch of drawings. I stand up, walk over to Justin, and take some of the pictures. We always look at the drawings when he gets home. I walk to the dining room table, I put the drawings on the table, Justin does the same. As soon as I'm about to sit down Justin grabs my waist and pulls me in real close.

He leans in close to my ear and whispers, "Hello beautiful."

I smile bashfully, look up and see Justin about a centimeter away from my face. I lean in and we kiss...long.

He pulls away and says, "Three things. One, are you ready to go? Two, tomorrow at day-care the kids get to bring a friend and so do the "teachers" and I want you to come. Three," he paused and took a deep breath, "I think we should tell people about us." He was looking directly in my eyes. He was serious.

I took a deep breath, "One, yes. Two, I would love to. And three, one week...please?"

He nodded and told me to put my shoes on. I did what I was told but I changed my pants into the shorts I wore to his house three days before. I kept his shirt on because it was just so soft and it went with my converse and shorts.

I stood at the door. Almost terrified to walk out. Justin walks up, hugs me from behind, and whispers in my ear, "Are you ready?"

I turn my head toward his and say, "I'm ready."

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