School Love

Kiera is just a normal teenager in school. She's 16 and working hard at school. What happens when a distraction comes in her life when Niall Horan from One Direction joins her class? Jealous girls and jealous boys, dates and parties. Kiera's life is going to change when she falls for her School Love! <3


4. Meeting Harry and first beginnings! <3

Chapter 3 
Ryan and I arrived home from school and I went up to my bedroom to do my homework. I got my homework done in an hour so I am sitting on my bed strumming my guitar quietly. I heard a text come in on my phone so I picked it up to read who it was. It was Niall , I smiled. I gave him my number earlier so he could text me if he had problems. The text read" Hi Kiera! I just got finished with my homework! I'm staying in a hotel with Harry. He likes it here in California! If you , Ryan and Brittany would like to come around tomorrow after school to work on the history project you are more than welcome to come! Bye! :) Xx" I smiled again. I was always smiling when it came to Niall and I've only known him one day. I texted him back " We would love to come around! I've got to go now though :( ill see you tomorrow!:) bye! Xx" I wasn't sure if I should put the kisses or not but he did so i did too. I never usually fell for a guy this easily. 
I sighed. Love is so complicated! 
Next day : The bell rang again indicating the end of school. Vicky smiled at Niall when she was leaving and said " Bye Niall!" . Niall just nodded his head. I knew he found her annoying , I mean all she did was flirt with him all day. Niall , Ryan, Brittany and I all walked to Niall's Hotel together. We were laughing and talking together. We arrived in no time outside his door. Niall opened the door and we walked in. The place was huge! Sitting on the couch was Harry Styles. He looked up when we came in. He was looking at something behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Brittany smiling at him. He was looking at Brittany the way Niall looked at me for the first time. He stood up and Niall introduced everyone. Brittany and I gave him huges and Ryan shook his hand. We went into a room to start working on the project. An hour later all we had done was pick the topic. Harry had joined us as he said he was lonely with Niall being away all day. Ryan and Brittany both got texts . Ryan got called for an emergency football game and Brittany's mum wanted her home so she could babysit. They both left. Niall and I discussed what we would need for the project, with Harry's help of course, and what we should research. It was time for me to go and Niall offered to walk me home. We talked the whole way. We were nearly at my house when Niall stopped. " are you ok?" I asked concern all over my face. " yea, I'm better than ok, Kiera... I really like you!" He moved closer. We were nearly touching" I really like you too.." He closed the gap and our lips touched for the first time. It was intense and passionate. We pulled back and I giggled. He chuckled at me and put a piece of my hair behind my ear. " what does this mean?" I asked. I was anxious. What if it was a kiss and only a kiss? What if he only said he liked me so he could kiss me? 
"Kiera, would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asked. " I'd be happy to!" I said with another laugh. Niall picked me up and spinned me around. He put me back down and kissed my cheek. We held hands the rest of the way to my house. I was never happier in my life! 
Hey my lovely readers! I got 2 chapters up in the same day! Thanks so much for your support!! Please comment, like and ask people, animals and even plants to read this!! Love you all sooooo much!! 
Kiera Xx


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