School Love

Kiera is just a normal teenager in school. She's 16 and working hard at school. What happens when a distraction comes in her life when Niall Horan from One Direction joins her class? Jealous girls and jealous boys, dates and parties. Kiera's life is going to change when she falls for her School Love! <3


3. Getting to know you <3

Chapter 2 
He really was gorgeous. I knew all the girls in my class were going to act cool around him when they would all be dying inside with happiness. 
"We have a new student in our class this year and I'm sure you all already know him, Niall Horan!" Ms.Golder exclaimed enthusiastically. I looked across the class at Vicky who was trying to get his attention by putting on her biggest smile and showing her perfectly straight white teeth , her strawberry blond hair and hazily eyes. Although Niall wasn't paying attention to Vicky he was staring straight at me! I gave him a small smile and looked down at my book. I was never very confident with new people, I was often very shy. " Now, Niall you are going to go on a tour of the school as it is pretty big!" Ms.Golder laughed but stopped when no one else laughed." Ok , em.... Kiera! Why don't you take Niall on the tour of the school?" Ms.Golden said this matter of factly. " sure! " I replied with a small smile. I stood up and walked to the top of the class. 
"Ok, of you two go then". As I walked out after Niall I could feel Vicky's eyes staring holes into the back of my head. I closed the door behind me and turned to Niall. " Hi , I'm Kiera" I said. " I'm Niall" he said back. His lovely blue eyes were staring into mine. " Well we better get going" I laughed. I took him on a tour around the school and we talked and laughed the whole way around. I learnt so much about him and he learnt do much about me. He was such a nice guy I could talk to him for hours. We were walking back into class when the bell rang which indicated French class over. Ms.Golder came out and said to us" Niall I want you sitting beside Kiera, stick with her and her brother Ryan until you get used to the school. Brittany usually sits beside you Kiera but she will be sitting beside Vicky." Brittany was my bestie.We both nodded our heads and walked into class and sat down. I told Niall what we had next and he took his books out as did I. We were waiting for the next teacher when Vicky walked over to us and started talking to Niall. Brittany still wasn't in. So I read through my science book. Niall tried adding me in the conversation between him and Vicky but Vicky would talk before I could even answer. I didn't really care though. 
The next classes went by quickly and soon enough it was break. Brittany had come back now as she was at the Dentists and we went to the cafeteria and got a table. At break Ryan stole Niall away telling him he needed 'guy time'. Brittany and I chatted through all of lunch as she made me go through every single detail of the tour around the school. Brittany always loved Harry from One Direction, Brittany was extremely pretty as well, she had long reddish brown hair , she was short ( which was good as she wouldn't be taller than a boy) and had hazel eyes. Brittany and I have been best friends since we were little. " It's so exciting having him in our class!" Brittany said. I nodded my head and continued to eat my cereal bar . We couldn't talk much longer as the rest of the girls came over. Lunch flew by as we chatted but out of the glimpse of my eye I saw Ryan and Niall laughing with the rest of the guys at their table. 
History class: " This year we are going to work on a project, it will be in groups of 4 and will go towards your end of year grade. Your group gets to pick the topic." Ms. Smith said to the class. I turned to Niall , 
" would you like to join Ryan, Brittany and I?" Us three always went together as we rarely had arguments, Niall was so nice anyway I may as well invite him into our group. " I'd love to!" Niall said smiling. The bell rang which indicated the end of the day. I stood up and put my bag on my shoulder. " Niall would you like to be in my group?" I could hear Vicky saying. I heard Niall decline her offer and I smiled to myself. I really did like him.
Thank you so much for reading everyone! I really appreciated the comments!! Love you all!!!
Kiera Xx


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