School Love

Kiera is just a normal teenager in school. She's 16 and working hard at school. What happens when a distraction comes in her life when Niall Horan from One Direction joins her class? Jealous girls and jealous boys, dates and parties. Kiera's life is going to change when she falls for her School Love! <3


2. First Day Back Too School <3

Chapter 1 
I woke up to the sound of my Alarm Clock go off.I heaved a great sigh and rolled out of bed. I woke up my sister, and my other sisters, and my brother, and my other brothers. We came from a big family. I could hear the sound of plates going into the dishwasher downstairs. Mum and dad must be up. I got dressed and curled my hair. I tied half of it up so that it was out of my face. It was the first day of school and the girls in my school were extremely judgemental. I had my school uniform on, it was a grey skirt with knee high socks, a white shirt and a navy blazer. I went downstairs with my bag in hand. My mum had prepared food on the table for the first day back. I was the last down and the table in the dining room was crowded with 10 of my siblings. "Kiera, hunny bun! " my mum said. I reached out gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek "Good Morning". I turned around and saw the table empty of food.I went into the kitchen to get an apple. I ate it quickly and swallowed a glass of orange juice. I was used to this every morning. I wake up , do my hair, get dressed , go down stairs, all the food is gone, dads gone to work and I am left with fruit. I stood up and called Ryan my twin brother. We said our goodbyes to mum and walked out the door. It was a bright sunny day witch was common here in California . Ryan and I walked to school talking about homework and people in our class. We had a lot of fun this summer hanging out with friends. Ryan and I were both quite popular in school. We arrived at the gates and went in through the double doors. We climbed the stairs up to our base classroom. I walked in through the door and bumped into Vicky, she was the girl in the class who has the nicest clothes, the best make up and hair stylists and the cutest hottest boyfriends! But she wasn't very nice.At the moment she was after Ryan. "Watch it!" She screeched at me. "Oh I'm sorry did you brake a nail?" I said in a sarcastic tone. I was very independent and wasn't one to be walked over. I saw Ryan roll his eyes at me and I laughed. Vicky was not impressed that I was laughing so she just walked out the door probably on her way to visit a different class. 
I continued walking into the class. Ryan and all the popular boys were down the back of the class. A few girls who were known as ' nerds ' were up the top . There was no one else in yet. I put my shoulder bag down on the ground by my desk. I decided to go to the bathroom to get tissue for my nose. I walked to the bathroom and every single person I passed smiled at me. Girls smiled at me as they wanted to get close to my brother and boys smiled at me as apparently I was beautiful but I never thought so. Aunts always told me so. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I didn't see anything pretty. Lots of people commented on my looks. I had bright blue eyes, long brown hair that was curled at the moment and a golden tanned skin. I got tissue, blew my nose and then threw it in the bin. I walked back out and into the class. Some of my friends had shown up but my bestie still wasn't here yet. I hope she's ok! I walked over to Sarah , Megan , Carly and Mary. I caught on to the end of Sarah's sentence " and he's coming into our class today!" They all screamed and were nearly crying. 
"Who's coming today?" I asked. 
" Niall Horan" Sarah replied. Sarah's aunty was the principle of our school. 
" oh , that's cool!" I said to the girls. "Cool? ... Cool?!" Megan stuttered. 
" I just don't see the big deal I mean he probably came to this school to try and have a bit of normality back in his life, he won't want girls drooling on him while he is trying to work." I replied with reason. The bell rang and I sat down in my seat. I usually sat beside my bestie but she must be sick today. I read my French book while waiting for our teacher to arrive. Our principle walked in and following her was Niall Horan. 
Keep reading for the next chapter! Tell me what you think of it!!
Kiera Xx


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