School Love

Kiera is just a normal teenager in school. She's 16 and working hard at school. What happens when a distraction comes in her life when Niall Horan from One Direction joins her class? Jealous girls and jealous boys, dates and parties. Kiera's life is going to change when she falls for her School Love! <3


5. Double date! <3

Chapter 4
I woke up the next day and got dressed and did my hair. I decided to put it in a ponytail. My mum has always wanted me to drop out of school and take the modelling contracts I have been offered but I like school, I love hanging around with my friends and if I wasn't at school I wouldn't have met Niall. I was really excited to see Niall today. It is Friday and we are going on our first date tonight. We are bringing harry and Brittany along but they don't know they are going on a date. They are perfect for each other. I know that Brittany feels the same way about Harry that I feel about Niall. 
I went downstairs and had my fruit and Ryan and I left. 
In the class: 
"So were are you and I going today?" Brittany asked me. We were both sitting at Niall and I's desk as he wasn't in yet. " I told you already that you aren't allowed to know!" I said , smirking at her. Brittany liked to know what she would have to do, she was a planner. " Fine" Brittany huffed. Just then Niall walked in. "Hey" I said . Oh god was he going to give me a kiss or do we just hug or do we- Niall bent down and gave me a chaste kiss on the lips. " Good morning princess" Niall replied. I had told Brittany about Niall and I . She was happy for us, but I wanted her to be happy to so that's what we are doing tonight. Yesterday's kiss with Niall when we were walking home was caught on camera's. It was in nearly every newspaper in the world! "Niall's princess has arrived!" Was the most common heading. Vicky was giving me death looks all day. The day flew by. Soon enough Brittany and I were walking to my house. We were going to get ready at my house and then go meet Niall and Harry. 
Kiera's bedroom: I was straightening my hair while Brittany was putting on her make-up. I was wearing a long maxi dress that was purple with multi- coloured flowers on it, the straps were plated and my back was exposed. Brittany was wearing a medium length dress that was white with pink roses on it. Her hair was curled. We both finished up and Brittany put on her heels. I put on pumps, mum was always telling me to wear heels as I needed to get used to them for when I become a 'model'. 
Brittany and I went downstairs as we waited for our lift. Mum was away with all of the kids but Ryan was here with a few of his friends. We went into the sitting room were Ryan and his friends were. " right, Ryan I'm leaving" I said and picked up my bag. " ok lock the door" Ryan stood up and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear" be careful!" I laughed and pulled away. Just then Zack one of Ryan's friends went out to get a drink. I followed him and closed the door. Brittany was in the bathroom. I turned my back to the kitchen and was staring into space when I felt someone behind me. I turned around fast. " you are so beautiful!" Zach said. " and I have a boyfriend!" I replied. " yea well call me if it doesn't work out" he said and then walked back into the sitting room. I rolled my eyes. Brittany came out. " when are we going?" I looked out the window and saw Niall's car. 
" now!" I said smiling at Brittany. 
"Your mad you know!" Brittany laughed. 
" we are going with Harry and Niall!" Brittany squealed. She pulled me into the restaurants bathroom."yep, surprise!" I gave her a hug. We went back into the restaurant and outside again to our table that was overlooking the beach. " ladies" Harry said. They both pulled out our chairs and we sat down. From then on in the night flew by, too quickly for my liking. Before I knew it i was back in my bed dreaming that Niall and I's relationship would never end!
Hi everyone!! The support again has been amazing!! Pretty please comment on my story! Favourite and like as well! I love you all so much!! 
Kiera Xx


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