School Love

Kiera is just a normal teenager in school. She's 16 and working hard at school. What happens when a distraction comes in her life when Niall Horan from One Direction joins her class? Jealous girls and jealous boys, dates and parties. Kiera's life is going to change when she falls for her School Love! <3


1. Authors Note <3

A/N: hey!! This my first story so I would appreciate if everyone likes, comments and tells people about it! 

This is just Authors Note as I need to find someone to be my bestfriend and Harry's love interest in this story! Exciting as it is only  one person will be picked so leave a description of yourself in the comment box below! Make sure you leave your name , what you look like and your interests! I will post who the lucky girl will be! 

Kiera Xx

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