Dressing Up or Dressing Down? (One Direction/Lou Teasdale)

Melody is just an ordinary girl, or so she hopes. Her dream is to become a stylist, but after a traumatic experience it was locked in her inner closet. What will happen when she moves to London to be mentored by the famous Lou Teasdale, her idol? What will become of her when she meets the five lads everyone wants to meet? No one knows, except Fate.


17. Sleeves And Belly Rings

I woke up really early. The sun was just peaking over the horizon, lighting the sky with soft pinks and blues. I grabbed my camera that somehow ended up on the bedside table and snapped a few pictures of the sunrise. It was beautiful. I was still sore, but I could at least sit up on my own. My ankle on the other hand was killing me. I grabbed the pills that was on the table as well and drank them quickly. I lied back down and looked at my phone. 05:30 am it said. I snapped a quick photo of the sunrise and uploaded it to twitter.


Early morning beauty. Why am I even awake?

Wait, I know. It may be the fact that I fell off a horse.

I locked my phone and went into a semi sleep. I was completely aware of what was going on around me, but I didn’t care enough to open my eyes. My ankle was throbbing. The pain killers weren’t doing anything except making me sleepy again.

I got up 30 minutes later. I was bored just sitting around. I changed my jumper to a tank top and hobbled downstairs. Everyone was still asleep, except for me. I turned the tv on and flipped to the music channel. Some Afrikaans song came on that I knew and I sang softly as I watched the music video. Sometimes I miss this music and then I hear something really terrible and I’m like what was I thinking?

“Good morning, Mel.” I heard Jane say coming from her room.

“Morning.” I said as a new song came on.

“Why are you awake so early?” she asked sitting down next to me.

“Couldn’t sleep. My ankle is killing me and the pain killers aren’t doing anything.” I said changing the channel to cartoons.

“SpongeBob!” we squealed and sat glued to the screen.

“Do you want some coffee?” she asked getting up.

“Yes, please.” I said laying down on the couch. “VMA’s are on!” I yelled to the kitchen.

“Put it on!” She called as she came through the door with the two mugs. We were halfway through the show arguing about the last VMA that was given out.

“Come on, Jane! Linkin Park so should have gotten that one.” I said pointing at the screen.

“No, Prime Circle won fair and square.” She said shaking her head.

“Bullshit!” I said. “The Burning It Down video had much better effects than the Prime Circle one.”

“Whatever, Melody.” She said giving up. “Wait, isn’t that our boys?” she asked as the next performers came on.

“Anything is possible.” I said shrugging as I got up, wobbling to the kitchen. I was hungry. I have been up for almost 3 hours. I grabbed two boxes of cereal and went back to the couch. “Here.” I said passing her a box. We ate our cereal without milk and continued watching. After a while I was bored with eating cereal. I placed my box on the coffee table and Jane did too.

“Tired of cereal?” she asked and I nodded. “Then why not try some tacos today! Call now and we’ll throw in this absolute piece of shit vacuum cleaner for free!” she said in her best infomercial voice and held up the remote to the CD player. We laughed and she turned it on.

“Lets get started with breakfast.” I said going to the kitchen.

“You should stay of that ankle.” She said pointing at me.

“Yes, mother. I was planning on sitting on the counter anyway.” I said hopping up.

“You mix, I’ll bake.” She said as she handed me a bowl and a whisk. She pulled out some ingredients and we began making pancakes. “How do we wake them up?” she asked throwing a pancake in the air.

“Fry some bacon. Worked for me.” I shrugged mixing some more batter.

“Why bacon?” she asked lifting an eyebrow.

“Niall smells it immediately, no matter how fast asleep he is.” I pointed the whisk at my nose.

“Mel, you have eggs on your face!” she laughed.

“Well, you do to.” I said flicking the whisk at her, causing batter spots to cover her face.

“That’s it.” She said throwing a hand full of flour at me and it landed in my hair. This resulted in a full out food fight. Eggs, flour, milk, everything was flying. This went on for a good 10 minutes. We were laughing and she was sliding over the floor. I was standing on the counter trying not to fall when Delilah, followed by three worried looking boys, came rushing into the door.

“What the hell happened in here?” She yelled over our laughter.

“Melody, get down from there! You could fall!” Liam said coming over to me and helping me down.

“It looks like you made pancakes on the floor.” Louis laughed examining our handy work.

“I smelled food.” Niall said rubbing his eyes.

“I told you!” I laughed at Jane who was staring at Niall.

“You’re cleaning this up. Now.” Delilah said raising her eyebrows and pointing to the floor.

“Yes, mother.” We said and started cleaning the mess. A flash went off and I turned just in time to see Louis running off with my camera.

“Weirdo.” I muttered and started wiping the counter I had made my fort.

“He’s not weird, he’s Louis.” Jane said mopping the floor.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I said waving her off. It took longer than expected, but we were finished 20 minutes later.

“Okay, now I’m hungry.” I said as we walked out into the dining room carrying the stacks of pancakes we had whipped up. We sat down and started eating before we called the boys and Delilah.

“We should tell them there’s food down here.” Jane said sitting back in the chair.

“Yeah.” I said walking to the bottom of the stairs. “FOOD’S READY!” I shouted and stepped aside. Six bodies were running full speed down the stairs and to the dining room.

“STAMPEDE!” I heard Jane yell and run into the kitchen. I laughed and helped her to wash our plates. We went to the living room and turned the tv back on.

“KCA’s!” we squealed as someone got slimed. It was a rerun, but still funny.

“Oh! Justin just got slimed!” Jane yelled in the you-got-served way.

“Delilah! Your crush looks good covered in green goo.” I said towards the dining room. I heard a fork hit a plate and I could just picture her blushing and trying to hide her face.

“You are so going to pay for that…” Jane whispered.

“I know, but it was so worth it.” We giggled as SpongeBob came on again.

“SpongeBob!” we laughed as the boys came in giving us weird looks. “What?”

“You two are the weirdest 16 year olds ever.” Zayn said sitting down.

“We know.” We said together again.

“Must be a cousin thing.” Niall said looking to Liam who was staring at us.

“Where are the others?” Jane asked as I fixed my attention to the tv again.

“Something about pain killers.” Liam said pulling out his phone.

“They better get something good, because the ones I’m taking now is definitely not working.” I said as my ankle began to throb again.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be standing on counters rather than laying down.” Niall laughed as I rubbed my ankle.

“I was bored. Was Harry mad last night after I fell asleep again?” I asked.

“Not mad, just disappointed with himself.” Zayn said looking away from the cartoon. “He really is sorry.”

“He’s probably out buying you something again.” Liam said.

“I hope not. I asked Louis to make sure he didn’t.” I said.

“Once Harry has his mind set on something, he doesn’t listen to anybody, not even Louis.” Niall said.

“Come on. Lets go get you dressed.” Jane said taking my hand and helping me up the stairs.

“Thanks for helping me.” I said sitting down on my bed.

“No problem. Now get dressed.” She said throwing me some random outfit.

“Shorts? Really Jane? I swear these things are so short my bum will fall out the bottom.” I said holding them up.

“You’ll thank me later.” She said winking.

“Last time you said that I ended up with these.” I said pointing to my bruises.

“That would’ve happened even if you weren’t in the bikini.” She said rolling her eyes. “Remember when Jeremy fell off her? He was fully clothed, a world champion and he looked even worse.”

“Yeah, I remember.” I sighed pulling on the shorts. It barely covered it. “I’m not wearing heels if that’s what you’re about to pull out.” I said as she went to the closet.

“I’m not stupid.” She said holding up a pair of black high tops. “These actually help keep your ankle in place and from getting hurt even further.”

“Oh.” I said pulling the black long-sleeved t-shirt over my head. “There’s no other feeling than the hem of a sleeve covering the tips of your fingers.” I sighed as I tried to pull on the shoes.

“Not even a kiss?” I heard a familiar voice from the door. He was grinning at me as Jane was helping me.

“Why didn’t we close the door?” I asked not looking away from him.

“Oops?” She shrugged.

“I’ll take over from here, Jane.” He laughed.

“Okay. Call if you need anything.” She said to me as she disappeared.

“Thanks!” I yelled after her. He sat next to me on the bed and took something from his pocket.

“You know I’m sorry, I’ve told you before.” He said fidgeting with the little black box in his hands.

“I know, but you left me in the tub for 15 minutes and told me you’d be right back after I agreed to be your girlfriend. That’s not right, Harry.” I said as I lied back onto the bed, my shirt lifting slightly exposing the bruises and a few cuts, as well as my ruined belly ring. Yes, I have one. I didn’t mention it, because I forgot I even had it. He lied down, propping him up on his elbow. He was staring at me again.

“I’m really sorry about that, but more about this.” He said tracing the outline of one of the bruises. I had goosebumps as his finger traced the patterns ever so lightly.

“I’ve had worse.” I said softly. His eyes snapped up to meet mine.

“What do you mean?” he asked. I turned my back to him and lifted my shirt up revealing the scar running from my waist fading to my left shoulder blade. “How didn’t I notice this yesterday?” he asked as he traced the thin pink line.

“My hair was in the way and its not that noticeable.” I said pulling my shirt back down and facing him again.

“What happened?” he asked slowly.

“I was training for a competition and I lost my balance. Gypsy was mid-jump and I fell onto the gate causing it to snap and, well, the rest is history.” I said as I remembered the pain I had with the biggest splinter in my back.

“Melody, you’ve hurt yourself more with a horse than anything else and yet you still get back up?”

“I love it too much to give it up.” I said honestly. “What do you have there?” I asked spotting the small box again.

“Oh, yeah. I thought you might need a new one seeing as the old one is kind of ruined.” He said handing it to me. It was from my favourite store, Blue Valentine. I opened it and found a gorgeous belly ring. It had a horse dangling from a diamond stud along with an ‘H’.

“Wow…” I said under my breath.

“You like it? Delilah said you’ve always wanted one like this.” He said rambling on. Does he ever stop? I silenced him with a small peck on the lips. He looked surprised.

“No, I don’t like it,” I said as he frowned. “I love it.” That made him smile again. He pecked me once and sat up again.

“I’m glad.” He said.

“But you can’t always buy me something when you think I’m mad at you.” I said sitting up too.

“Its worked so far.” He said cheekily.

“There’ll be a day, Harry.” I said grinning at him.

“You know what I’m glad about?” he asked.


“I can do this whenever I want to now.” He said kissing me with so much passion that I swear the people on mars could see the fireworks display. He pulled away leaving me wanting more. He smirked. “Come on. We got you other pills.” He said taking my hand and walking me down the stairs. That just made me sound like a dog.

“Yay…” I said.

“And we’re going back into town in two hours.”

“Even better…” I said sarcastically. He laughed at me as we got to the kitchen.

“Here you go, Mel.” Delilah said handing me a pill.

“Only one?” I said as she nodded. I shrugged and downed the biggest glass of water ever in 4 seconds.

“Niall, I found someone who could beat you at chugging!” Harry yelled through the door.

“What? No way! Who?” he said coming in.

“Melody.” He said pointing to me.

“Bullshit.” He scoffed.

“Oh you’re on, but not now maybe later.” I said as I noticed the pill taking effect. “I feel a bit woozy.” I said placing my hand on my forehead.

“Lets get you to bed then.” Harry said taking me back to my room. I flopped onto the bed and closed my eyes. “Move over, Mel.” he laughed.

“No…” I groaned.

“Fine, I’ll do it myself then.” He said picking me up and placing me on the other side. I felt the bed sink and an arm snake around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“You didn’t answer my question earlier.” He said.

“Which one?” I asked confused.

“About the sleeve thing.”

“Oh yeah. No, not even a kiss.” I said falling asleep with him chuckling.



Tada! Another update! Well, I don't have a lot to say really. Thanks for reading so far! I love all of you!



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