Dressing Up or Dressing Down? (One Direction/Lou Teasdale)

Melody is just an ordinary girl, or so she hopes. Her dream is to become a stylist, but after a traumatic experience it was locked in her inner closet. What will happen when she moves to London to be mentored by the famous Lou Teasdale, her idol? What will become of her when she meets the five lads everyone wants to meet? No one knows, except Fate.


18. Leave Me Alone

“Aren’t they the cutest?” I heard Jane whisper.

“I know. Its like watching a movie.” That’s Delilah.

“You know I can hear you, right?” I groaned.

“Oh shit! RUN!” they squealed as I heard them running out the door.

“whatsgoinon?” Harry asked from under me. Wait, under me? I opened my eyes and saw I was sprawled on top of his chest.

“My cousins were being annoying.” I said sitting up and rubbing the sleep from my eyes. “I think we’re leaving in a few minutes or something.”

“Oh. I forgot about that.” He mumbled as he sat up. “Lets get going then.”

“I’ll be down soon. Give me 5 minutes.” I said as I stretched my arms. They felt stiff.

“Okay.” He said walking out the door.

“THE KRAKEN AWAKENS!” I heard Louis yell. I laughed as I got up and tried to tame my hair. I took the new belly ring and put it into place. I was admiring it when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said still looking at it.

“Hey, we’re leaving now.” Jane said coming in. “OOOH, that’s gorgeous! Where did you get it?” she gushed as she stared at the horse and the ‘H’.

“Harry got it this morning when they got my pills.” I said putting my shirt down. “Lets go.”

“You’re really lucky.” She sighed.

“I know. We need a girl talk, soon.” I said as we walked down the stairs. Every one was waiting at the door already.

“That took longer than 5 minutes.” Harry said taking my hand in his.

“Shut up, Harry.” I said as he lifted me onto the back of the truck. I saw Gypsy standing near the fence, grazing and I felt guilty. I didn’t go to see her this morning, I was just so busy. I mean, it wasn’t her fault I fell wrong.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked as he sat down next to me. Louis sat down by my other side looking at me.

“Gypsy. I didn’t go to see her this morning.” I said still staring at her as we were driving down the dirt road.

“I don’t think you could have walked down to the barn on that ankle.” Louis said pointing to my high tops.

“I know, but I feel guilty. It wasn’t her fault.” I said looking at Louis.

“It might not have been, but you couldn’t have gone down there anyway.” Harry said rubbing small circles on my thigh with his thumb. I had goosebumps again. I closed my eyes and just waited for the drive to come to an end.

20 minutes later we stopped at the shopping centre. It wasn’t big, but had a few nice shops and a pretty good food court.

“Come on, guys.” Liam said getting out and holding the door for Jane.

“Thanks Liam.” She said as she jumped out. I was being lifted to the ground before I could say blueberry cheesecake. I craved a piece of cheesecake right now.

“Thank you.” I said as my feet touched the ground.

“No problem.” Someone said, but I didn’t care who.

“Where to first?” Jane asked looking at me.

“I’m craving for some cheesecake.” I said looking at her.

“You know the only place to get that is…” she trailed off.

“Taylors’…” I groaned as I realised where we had to go. I facepalmed. That’s all I could do. That and hope she wasn’t there. We were best friends, until a few weeks before I had to move to London. She turned against me completely. I didn’t know why or what I did to deserve it, but one thing was clear. I did not want to run into her.

“Come on. All we can do is hope she isn’t there. You’ll be fine. Aren’t you glad I made you were that now?” Jane said referring to the skimpy outfit she made me wear. I only realised that my belly ring was showing now.

“Oh god.” I groaned as we walked into the centre.

“This is extremely weird.” Zayn said.

“I know, right.” Niall said.

“Its unreal.” Louis said looking around.

“What are you on about?” I asked looking at the five boys.

“No screaming fans.” They chorused.

“Isn’t that a good thing, though?” Jane asked.

“Good? Its amazing to not have to run for your life.” Liam said.

“Its school time now. Plus no one goes out in the winter.” Delilah pointed out.

“So you don’t have to worry about any screaming fans except these two.” I said pointing to my cousins who were glaring daggers at me. “Now, I want my cheesecake. Lets get going.” I said as I took Harrys’ hand and started walking towards the place I knew would only hold trouble.

“Hi, welcome to Caramello’s. Table for 8?” the hostess asked.

“Yes, please.” I said following her to the booth in the corner. “Thanks.” I said as everyone took their seats.

“Your waitress will be with you shortly.” She said walking back to the front.

I sat down next to Harry. I didn’t even bother to open the menu as I already knew what I wanted.

“I don’t know half of this stuff.” Harry said looking over at the menu.

“Most of it is Italian. They make a mean piece of carrot cake.” I said looking over at Louis who snapped his head up at the mention of carrots.

“I know what I want.” He said putting his menu down.

“Devil’s food cake. Sounds nice.” Harry said looking at me. I nodded and looked down to fidget with my fingers. I seriously don’t hope she’s here. The waitress came by and took our orders and disappeared just as quickly as she appeared. The cake came just as quickly.

“You were right, this is a mean piece of carrot cake.” Louis said taking another bite. I didn’t take long eating my cheesecake, because I asked for a small piece. I was fidgeting again as everyone else was still busy eating.

“You look stressed. What’s wrong?” Harry whispered to me. I looked up and saw everyone in little discussions or eating.

“I just don’t want to run into…”

“Melody? Melody is that you?” I heard a squeaky voice call me.

“Taylor…” I hissed under my breath as I closed my eyes. I opened them quickly and turned around.

“It is you.” She said coming over to our table. I stood up and she gave me the fakest hug ever.

“Hi Taylor.” I said sitting back down. Harry took my fist that was laying on top of the table and held it. I think he was afraid I was going to start throwing punches sometime soon. I really wanted to, but I was a little busy.

“Jane. Delilah. I haven’t seen you in a long time. And who do we have here?” she said looking over at the boys. Her eyes grew wide as she recognised them. “Oh my god. One Direction. How’d YOU swing this, Melody?” she asked looking me up and down.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked, wanting to rip my hair out.

“Oh come on! We know you were never the one to really socialise with boys.” She said.

“I changed.” I shrugged.

“Looks like someone likes you. But hold on to your man, Melody.” She said, smirking.

“What are you on about?” I asked confused.

“Face it. You’ll never be able to keep him with someone like me around.” She said gesturing to herself. I noticed she was wearing a uniform, must work here now.

“In that uniform? I don’t think so. What, did daddy take your gold card away?” I asked sounding uninterested.

“You probably still have your nose in your books trying to pass school. Little miss nerd. I, on the other hand earn my money.” She snorted. Attractive.

“I actually graduated high school last year at the top of my class. I’m currently doing my course on styling. Little miss high school drop-out. And get real, like any of your money doesn’t go to booze, fake tan and Botox.” I said.

“Oh you did not just go there.” She gasped.

“I believe I did.” I said looking at my nails.

“You’re parents must’ve been so relieved when that truck hit them. I know I would have been.” She retorted. I heard a few gasps coming from our table.

“At least I know my parents cared about me. Unlike yours, they didn’t shower me with gifts to keep me busy while they had affair after affair.” I said standing up getting right up in her face.

“You know, I thought we could resolve our issues and go back to being friends,” she said reaching behind me. “but obviously that won’t be happening.” She said as she dumped a glass of water over my head. I shut my eyes as I felt it trickle down my shirt. I was soaked. I heard a few gasps and I reopened my eyes. The whole restaurant was staring at the scene. Jane and Delilah were being held back my Liam and Niall. Zayn was holding Louis back and Harry was staring wide eyed at me. She was still standing in front of me, grinning. I felt my hands clench into fists. I was so close to hitting her, but I controlled my urge.

“Taylor!” I heard her dad yell. He was coming over to us as quick as he could. “Melody, I’m so sorry. Its on the house.” He said motioning to the meal. “What were you thinking?” he whisper yelled at her as he dragged her into the office. The rest of the people were back to normal except for me.

“Mel, are you okay?” my cousins asked. I turned and nodded. I sat down again.

“You’re all wet.” Harry said as he took a piece of lemon out of my hair. I heard Niall chuckle followed by an ‘ouch’. I take it Jane punched him.

“Uhm, yeah. I’ll be right back.” I said taking off out of the place. I walked to the nearest place that had decent clothes and bought a complete new outfit. I received a few looks from people, but I didn’t care. I was in line to pay when a girl tapped my shoulder.

“I’m guessing you were left at the hands of Taylor.” She said looking at my shirt.

“I take it I’m not the first that’s happened to?” I asked.

“Happened to me not four days ago.” She said looking at the floor.

“Don’t let her get you down. She’s not worth the time.” I said placing my hand on her shoulder.

“Next!” the cashier called.

“Nice meeting you.” I said as I walked away. After paying, I went to the restrooms. I quickly changed into some bright pink skinny jeans and a white flowy top. I kept the blazer hanging over my arm. Probably a bit formal, but I looked good. My necklace was in its usual place and it tied everything together. I heard my phone ring and dug through the bag with my soaked clothes.

“Hello?” I asked as I gathered the last of my stuff.

“Hey. Where are you? We were just leaving the restaurant.” Delilah said sounding worried.

“Restrooms. I just finished changing. Meet you at the fountain.” I said as we hung up.

I walked out of the door and started making my way to the fountain. I spotted a slushy stand and I just had to stop.

“One bubblegum, please.” I said handing over my money. “Thank you!” I said walking again. I saw them standing in a circle. Harry had his back to me, along with Louis and Zayn. I walked up to Harry and tapped his shoulder. As he turned I looked down at my shoes, finding them very interesting all of a sudden.

“Wow.” He breathed.

“She really is turning into Harry!” Louis shouted.

“Oh do shut up Louis. She looks amazing.” Zayn said.

“Thanks.” I said looking up into Harrys’ eyes. They were sparkling, something I haven’t seen them do. “Last minute wardrobe change.” I shrugged.

“You look beautiful.” He said.

“Thanks.” I whispered.

“Hey where did you get that?” Jane said looking at the slushy.

“Uhm, some vendor back there.” I said pointing to the way I came from. “Want some?” I asked.

“No, thanks. I was just wondering.” She said going into thought.

“I do.” Harry said giving me a puppy dog look.

“Here.” I said holding it up. He didn’t break eye contact as he took the straw between his lips. I just stared.

“What flavour is this?” he asked as he swallowed the ice.

“Bubblegum.” I stated taking the straw between my teeth.

“First time I’ve had it.” He said staring at my lips.

“My favourite.” I said not letting the straw drop.

“Hello? Still here you know.” Louis coughed.

“Lets go catch a movie or something.” Jane said.

“Oh, yeah! Beautiful Creatures just started!” Delilah said.

“I’ve been wanting to see that.” I said still keeping the straw in between my lips.

“Then its settled.” The boys said as we ran off to the movies.

We were just in time to catch the next showing. They all got slushies and I got a second one. Harry got cherry, but I stuck to bubblegum. The movie was almost finished when I felt something hit my head. I looked around, but there was nothing I could find. I felt something hit me constantly, but just ignored it. The end credits rolled and the lights came on. Harry stood up and I noticed the amount of popcorn around us. We didn’t even have popcorn. I stood up and found Taylor and two of her friends with her. They were laughing and still eating some popcorn that they had left after bombarding me with it.

“Just ignore her.” Harry whispered giving me a small peck on the cheek.

“Careful, Harry. She might swallow you!” Taylor laughed from her seat.

“At least she hasn’t slept with every boy in this town.” Jane said standing up for me.

“Not true. There are five boys right in front of me who I haven’t slept with.” She said pointing at them.

“Oh, you wish.” Delilah laughed.

“I do actually.” She said standing up.

“Come on.” I said taking Harrys’ hand and walked up the pathway. I still had some slushy left so I was carrying the cup in one hand.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked as they stepped in front of us.

“Home.” I said as I dumped my slushy over her blonde hair. “Damn, such a waste.” I said as I pushed past her. I wish that would stain that perfect little head of hers forever.

We came to the truck and I was being lifted up again.

“I think congratulations are in order.” Louis said.

“For what?” I asked confused.

“For standing up to her like that.” They chorused.

“Oh. Can we go home now?” I asked settling into my normal spot.

“Yeah, already on it.” Delilah said getting into the drivers seat.

The drive flew by. Harry was doing something on his phone and the other boys were keeping themselves occupied with random stuff. I just stared at the clouds forming in the sky. It looked like storm weather. I loved the rain. It made everything look magical. I was far off into my own little world, when I felt the truck come to a stop. I didn’t bother getting up. I just sat there, still thinking about the rain.

“Come on, Mel. You can daydream later.” Jane said laughing at me. Everyone was already standing around the front door waiting for one of us to unlock the door.

“Yeah, I’m coming. Go on in.” I said still staring at the clouds that were rapidly forming. It was only 4 pm, but it felt like 6. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Suit yourself.” She shrugged as they walked inside.

I lied down on my back, still on the truck. I was thinking. About what happened with Taylor, with Gypsy the previous night, Harry telling me I’m his, my grandparents and even my parents.  Everything was such a rush. Its crazy. I felt something hit my face. Water. It was starting to rain. I stood up and slowly got off the truck, proving a bigger challenge than I thought seeing as Harry was always picking me up and helping me down. I was already up the porch steps when the door opened revealing a worried looking Harry on the other side.

“I was just coming to help you.” He said taking my hand.

“You don’t have to help me every time, you know.” I said as we walked inside.

“I know, but I want to.” He said smiling.

“How long was I outside for?” I asked.

“Almost an hour, if not longer. What were you doing?” he asked concerned.

“Just thinking.” I said going to the kitchen.

“About what?” he pushed.

“Everything that’s happened.” I said opening a cupboard. “Jane! Where’s the peanut butter?!”

“Top right shelf in the pantry!” she yelled from the living room.

I walked over and reached blindly for the bottle. I heard Harry chuckle from behind me as he pulled it out with ease.

“Thanks.” I said grabbing a spoon and heading towards the living room. I sat down on the floor in front of Jane and started eating.

“That’s just wrong.” Louis said as Harry sat next to him.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“You’re eating peanut butter with a spoon.” He replied.

“As apposed to eating it with a fork? I don’t think that’ll work the same.” I said going back to sucking on the spoon.

“Its not the spoon, it’s the peanut butter. How are you not nauseous?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve done it before.” I shrugged.

“Uh oh. I know what it is.” Delilah said.

“The bitchiness towards Taylor, the isolation for almost and hour, the craving for cheesecake and now the peanut butter. I see it too!” Jane said her eyes wide.

“Huh?” I was confused. I looked to the boys to find the exact same expressions on their faces.

“Mel, you’re either pregnant or THAT time is coming soon.” I dropped the spoon as my jaw dropped. Pregnant? What did they think I am, a slut?

“You did not just mention that.” I hissed picking up my spoon and heading to the kitchen at the mention of my period in front of the boys.

“Payback! For the JB thing this morning!” Delilah laughed. I heard the boys utter a few ‘gross’ and ‘eews’. I walked up the stairs and went to Jane’s room. I stared at her walls as an idea popped into my mind.

“BOYS! GET IN HERE! QUICK!” I yelled. I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and I smiled to myself.

“What’s… holy crap!” Harry said stopping in the door.

“What is it Harry?” Louis said trying to see. He stepped aside and let them in.

“Wow.” Niall said at a loss for words.

“This you don’t see everyday” Liam said walking around looking at the pictures. Zayn was copying his actions.

“How do you sleep with this?” Louis said waving his hands around the room. “Its like the eyes are following you.”

“Melody! Are you…” Jane said rushing into her room. I was grinning at her. “What did you do?”

“Little payback.” I said.

“Well, this is awkward.” She said trailing off as a blush crept onto her cheeks.

“Do you have a few pens?” Niall asked her. She walked to her desk and pulled out a handful of them.

“Yeah, why?” she asked as they each took a pen.

“Wait outside. We’ll call you when we’re finished.” He said smiling at her.

“Okay…” she said unsure but walked out and shut the door.

“You know what to do.” He said as he walked to the first picture of him he could find.

“She’s definitely a Nialler girl.” Harry said as he signed a picture.

“You could say that again.” Louis said going around the room. I looked over at Niall who was blushing as he signed a few pictures.

10 minutes later they were finished. Every picture and poster was signed.

“I think you should go get her, Niall. You’re obviously her favourite.” Zayn said sitting down next to me on the bed.

“Okay.” He said disappearing out the door. He came back with his hands over her eyes.

“What’s going on, Niall?” she asked.

“Open your eyes.” He said removing his hands from her face.

“HOLY VMA’S!” she shrieked. The boys laughed and sat down on the bed. “You just signed every picture in my room!”

“Uh oh. She’s going to start fangirling in Afrikaans again.” I said seeing her about to snap.

And snap she did. She was running from picture to picture saying things that I really don’t want to translate.

“She’s cursing us! Run boys!” Louis screamed running from the room followed by the rest of them. I just laughed and walked to my own room. I changed out of my new clothes and into some sweats and a jumper. The rain made it colder than usual. I climbed under my duvet and pulled out my phone. I scrolled through twitter. I spotted a tweet from Niall.


Just saw a directioners’ room.

Weirdest thing ever.

I laughed and kept scrolling.


Saw a catfight today.

Well done to the cat who came out victorious! Haha.x

I wasn’t that bitchy, was I? Oh well. I clicked the new tweet button.



I closed the app and opened a fan fiction app. Yes, I read fan fiction. There are some really great stories out there. The weird thing is, I’ve never read a One Direction one before. Maybe because I didn’t know who they were until a week ago. I went to the popular section and found one straight away.

“Hmmm, Dark. Sounds interesting.” I sighed as I started to read.

At first, I thought to myself, ‘what the fuck am I reading?’, but as I read further, I was hooked. I was almost finished with it when there was a knock on my door.

“Come in.” I said. I didn’t look up from my phone.

“Hey, what are you doing up here?” Harry asked.

“Reading.” I said locking my phone quickly. I wasn’t going to let him see what I was reading. I felt uncomfortable looking at him as is.

“What where you reading?” he said sitting down next to me on the bed.

“Oh nothing special.” I said looking at my fingers.

“You sure?” he asked not believing me.

“Mmhmm.” I murmured.

“Because whatever it was, is making you blush.” He said rubbing my thigh. I groaned as I covered my face with my hands.

“I was reading fan fiction…” I sighed, but I wasn’t about to tell him about who.

“You read fan fiction and yet you never heard about One Direction until a week ago?” he asked.

“I never read any about you.” I answered.

“Hold up, read? As in past tense. You just read something about us.” He chuckled. “But why did it make you blush?”

Like I’m going to tell him that. This book was the result of reading too much 50 Shades of Grey, if you ask me.

“Wait, did it happen to be named Dark?” he asked completely serious. I didn’t answer. I stared out into the space in front of me. “It was, wasn’t it?”

“Yes.” I sighed.

“That thing is complete bullshit. I would never do any of that to someone.” He said getting a bit mad.

“Its called fiction for a reason, Harry. You read it?” I asked sitting up straight waiting for an answer.

“It’s the mother of all dirty One Direction fan fiction and yes, I read it. The fans don’t realise we read it, some are really funny and then there are some that are just plain perverted. I’ve been gay, almost dead, had numerous children and a monster like in that one.” He said.

I moved over and made space for him. I patted the empty space and he lied down.

“You don’t believe any of that stuff do you?” he asked as he stared into my eyes. I crossed my legs as I repositioned myself.

“Of course not. They don’t know the real you.” I said looking straight into his eyes. “It was right about one thing though.”

“And what was that?” he asked propping him up on his elbows.

“Your eyes.” I said looking at my hands.

“What about them?” he asked.

“They do change colour.” I said.

“Explain.” Was all he said.

“The first day we met, they were clear and they reminded me of emeralds. Then I remember the day in the bathroom, they were pale green. That same day, after the kitchen incident, they were dark and murky. The same with the car ride when I had to sit on your lap, dark. And today they were doing something I didn’t recognise.” I said feeling a blush creep onto my cheeks again.

“And what was that?” he asked smirking.

“They were sparkling.” I said.

“I never realised how much attention you pay to me.” he was still smirking.

“MEL! HARRY! MOVIE NIGHT!” I heard Louis yell.

“Come on lets go.” I said standing up on the bed and walking over him.

“One last thing.” He said as he pulled me down again.

“And what is that?” I asked confused.

“This.” He said, crashing his lips onto mine. It was nice. I smiled into the kiss and he did too.

“I’ll never get tired of that.” He said pulling me up with him. I smiled and walked down after him. I sat down on the floor in between his legs.

“What are we watching?” I asked crossing my legs.

“Saw.” Niall answered.

“Okay, horror night.” I said rubbing my hands together receiving weird looks from the boys.

“You’re seriously going to be watching this?” Louis asked.

“Yup.” I said popping the ‘p’.

“Weird girl.” He muttered.

“Whatever Louis.” I said.

To say I was bored was an understatement. This movie was more gross than scary. I spotted my camera on the table and started to go through my photos. There were a lot of me and my cousins I remember taking. A few selfies I definitely didn’t take, a few of the boys, the one Louis took of me and Jane cleaning. Then there were a few of me. At the creek, riding Gypsy or even sleeping.

I shut the camera off and went back to watching the movie. I felt Harry play with my hair, but I had no idea what he was doing. It was nice though. I leaned my head against his leg and stared at the tv screen blankly.

“Finally.” I sighed as the end credits rolled.

“You didn’t find any of that scary?” Zayn asked.

“Gross, yes. Scary, no.” I said getting up and going to my room. I fell onto my bed and felt a presence in the room. I sat up straight as I felt the necklace and bracelet get warm.

“Melody…” that sounded like my mum.

“Mum?” I asked feeling completely insane.

“Its not safe, Melody.”

“What’s not safe, mum?” I asked.

“I don’t have a lot of time. Just don’t sleep alone tonight.”

“Mum, I don’t understand.”

“I have to go now…” the voice faltered and was gone just as quickly as it appeared.

“What just happened?” I asked to the air. The diamonds were cold again. I don’t understand this. The room didn’t grow cold this time. And what did she mean its not safe? Don’t sleep alone? I was confused.

“Hey, you okay?” Harry asked coming in and sitting down beside me.

“I don’t have the answer to that.” I said still staring at the place where the voice came from.

“You look spooked.” He whispered.

“My mum just communicated with me.” I whispered back

“What did she say?”

“That its not safe and that I shouldn’t sleep alone tonight.”

“Do you want me to stay in your room with you?” he asked. I hugged him to me and just nodded. Its been three years since I heard her voice.

“Shh, don’t cry.” He said rubbing circles into my back. I couldn’t help the tears that were spilling.

“I swear my life is like Paranormal Activity, just without the cameras.” I said when I was sure my voice was under control.

“Those movies are a load of bullshit.” He said still keeping me close. “Come on. Lets get some sleep.” He said letting go and stripping down to his boxers. Holy abs!, my mind screamed.

“Mel, you’re blushing again.” He laughed as he climbed under the covers.

“Stop pointing it out!” I groaned from under my hands that were covering my face.

“Stop hiding, its cute.” He chuckled and started poking my sides.

“No, its not!” I said, giggling as he continued tickling me.

“Why exactly are you blushing again?”

“Stop tickling me and I’ll tell you.” I said when he finally stopped.

“The last time I saw you like this, you were storming out of my house.” I said still covering my face. “I wasn’t really paying attention back then.” I heard him chuckle as he put an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his bare chest. Now, you may be wondering ‘What about the other times you woke up with him?’. Well, he had his shirt on then, now he’s only in his boxers!

“You are allowed to look, Melody. You ARE my girlfriend after all.” He said kissing my neck.

“Yes, but just because you’re my boyfriend now doesn’t mean I’m going to let you see me naked.” I stated.

“But I already have.” He whispered into my ear.

“Its not going to happen again.” I said.

“Oh it might.” He whispered back.

“Don’t get your hopes up. Goodnight, Harry.” I sighed.

“Goodnight, Mel.” He said kissing my forehead as I closed my eyes, falling into a terror filled sleep.

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