Dressing Up or Dressing Down? (One Direction/Lou Teasdale)

Melody is just an ordinary girl, or so she hopes. Her dream is to become a stylist, but after a traumatic experience it was locked in her inner closet. What will happen when she moves to London to be mentored by the famous Lou Teasdale, her idol? What will become of her when she meets the five lads everyone wants to meet? No one knows, except Fate.


20. Jungle Worms?!?!

I wasn’t feeling too good. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, throwing up as soon as I reached the toilet. I was hunched over when my hair was taken out of my face and my back was being rubbed. When I was sure I was done, I stood up, flushed and brushed my teeth trying to get rid of the horrid taste.

“If you’re like this after a bad dream, I don’t want to see you when you have a hangover.” Harry said.

“Its not because of a bad dream. Its probably just the peanut butter speaking.” I said walking back to bed. I knew it wasn’t that, but what was it then?

“Mel, you’re burning up.” Harry said placing a hand on my forehead.

“Ouch…” I groaned clutching my stomach. It hurt and I had a headache.

“I’m getting your cousins.” He said running from the room, returning seconds later.

“Mel, what’s wrong?” Delilah asked.

“My stomach, its cramping.” Was all I could get out.

“She threw up and she’s got a fever.” Harry said from somewhere.

“Your period is probably coming.” Jane said.

“Its not my fucking period, Jane!” I screamed as another wave of cramps hit me.

“Get dressed. I’m taking her to see a doctor.” Delilah said getting up and heading to her room.

“I’ll get her changed. You go tell the others.” Jane told Harry.

“Yeah, okay.” He said pulling on his pants and heading out the door.

“Sorry for snapping at you.” I said as the cramps eased a little.

“Its fine. Lift your bum.” She said pulling some sweats up my legs.

“Hand me that red t-shirt over there.” I said pointing to the dresser.

“Here you go. Put a hoodie on. Its cold outside.” She said throwing it to me.

“Thanks, Jane.”

“No problem.” She said pulling on something herself.

“We’re ready.” Harry said coming back inside. I tried to get up, but failed miserably landing back on the bed. He came over and picked me up bridal style as I snuggled closer to him for comfort. He carried me down the stairs and to the truck.

“Let her sit in front. I’ll join the boys in the back.” Jane said getting up. I was placed in the middle next to Delilah and Liam took his normal spot. I closed my eyes as the cramps resurfaced and I felt Liam take me in his arms in a brotherly way.

“We should hurry up.” He told Delilah.

“On it.” She said as she hit the pedal to the metal.

10 agonising minutes later we stopped in front of the hospital. Liam helped me out only to be picked up by Harry seconds later.

“I’ll go get a doctor.” Delilah said as she and Liam ran into the hospital.

Harry walked with me in his arms, trying not to jostle me, but with every step he took something hurt inside of me. A nurse with a wheelchair came up to us as we came in and I was placed onto it.

“Sir, you’ll have to stay here. We’ll tell you as soon as we know what’s wrong.” She said to Harry who looked upset. Louis came up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Come on, mate. She’s in capable hands.” He said.

They wheeled me into a consultation room and helped me onto one of those very uncomfortable beds. I was laying there for another 10 minutes clutching my stomach, when a doctor finally showed up.

“Miss Lexus?” he asked stepping inside.

“That’s me.” I said still clutching my stomach.

“Lets have a look, shall we?” he said coming over to me. He lifted up my shirt to just under my boobs and started to examine me.

“How did you get these bruises?” he asked still with his hands on my stomach, pressing and trying to feel my insides.

“I fell off my horse while wearing a bikini. I sprained my ankle too.” I said, feeling uncomfortable with him touching me.

“What kind of horse?” he asked.

“Shire horse.” I responded.

“That’s a hard fall.” He said walking over to his clipboard. “So have you had any other symptoms other than the cramps and the fever?”

“I had weird cravings yesterday and then I threw up not long ago.” I said.

“Well, you’re not pregnant, are you?” he’s asking me?

“What? No, I’m still 100% a virgin.” I said shocked.

“Good to know.” He said scribbling something down. He was irritating me now.

“You have the stomach flu. I’m giving you some thing for the cramps and then some antibiotics as well.” He said. “We’re keeping you for observation for the day and tonight. If all is well in the morning, you can go home.”

“Thanks, doctor.” I said laying down in the bed. He was gone and a nurse gave me the pills that I needed.

“There are some people waiting to see you. Can I let them in?” she asked.

“Yes.” I said as she let them in.

“Hey how are you doing?” Louis asked sitting at the foot of my bed.

“I’ve got the stomach flu.” I said.

“I thought you had jungle worms!” Niall said.

“Jungle worms?” I asked.

“Its this fake illness Harry had to have when we did iCarly.” Louis pointed out.

“Where are Delilah, Harry and Liam?” I asked looking around.

“They went to find you some decent clothes, your iPod, phone. All those things.” Jane said from next to Niall.

“So are you contagious?” Zayn asked from the other side of Niall.

“I don’t think so.” I couldn’t remember. “Want to play a prank on them?”

“What are you thinking?” Louis asked suddenly very interested.

“Jungle worms. Niall said he thought I had it and the others don’t know what’s really wrong with me. I could fake it.” I said.

“Yes! I’m in on this one.” Zayn said.

“What are the symptoms?” I asked.

“Stomach cramps, fever, groaning, throwing up, thirsty all the time and needy.” Louis said thinking.

“I only have to fake two of those then.” I said getting ready. “Jane. Code waterworks.”

“Done.” She said as tears started to form in her eyes.

“How the hell did she just do this?” Niall said looking at me then at Jane who was focusing really hard on something.

“It’s a girl thing. Think of something really sad that’s happened and there you have it.” And its true. A little something they taught me in acting class.

“Niall, you should be comforting the girl, not just staring at her.” Zayn chuckled.

“Louis, you shouldn’t be so close if this thing is so contagious.” I said and he walked to the opposite wall followed by the others.

“Get ready, they’re coming.” I got my game face on and clutched at my stomach, groaning.

“Hey, we’re back.” Liam said coming in.

“Why are you all standing way over there?” Harry asked.

“Why is Jane crying?” Delilah asked going over to her.

“She’s got jungle worms.” Louis said.

“Huh? But that was made up!” Harry said in shock.

“I’m thirsty…” I groaned.

“Apparently not.” Zayn said. I was muttering random things and groaning. The best acting I’ve ever done.

“I swear this thing was made up.” Liam said.

“Me too. Do you know how hard it is faking something that you’ve never had before?” Harry said coming over to me. “Mel, come on. Don’t toy with me. You’re in the hospital for crying out loud.”

“I’m not toying with you. Ouch.” I groaned again. “Someone hold me.”

“According to this, you have…” Liam was reading my file. He looked at me and I tapped my nose. “a very severe case.” He finished, realising what we were up to.

“Mel, just don’t die.” Jane cried again. This was going good so far.

“Shh, don’t cry.” Niall comforted her. Aaw, they’re actually so cute together. Should talk about that. I continued the façade, muttering useless little things and then faked passing out.

“Melody!” I heard Harry gasp and run over to me. “Someone get the nurse.”

“Hey you.” I whispered poking his cheek. He faced me. “You just got played.”

Everyone burst out laughing. He just sat there, staring at me.

“Why do you do this to me?” he asked.

“Because you’re the easiest.” I said giving him a hug. I still wasn’t sure if I was contagious.

“What’s really wrong with you?” he asked serious.

“Stomach flu.” I said laying back down, pulling my hair over my one shoulder.

“Uhm, Mel. When did you get that?” Delilah asked.

“Get what?” I asked confused.

“The hickey, you dimwit.” Jane said pointing to my neck. Oops.

“Is it really still that obvious?” I asked pulling my hair over the spot.

“Le duh.” They said.

“Told you it’s a cousin thing.” Niall said to Liam. Harry was chuckling at the foot of my bed. Only one solution. I kicked him off with my good foot.

“Hey! What did I do?” he asked from the floor as I smiled at him satisfied.

“You know what you did.” I said laying down again.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but visiting hours are over.” A nurse said coming inside.

“I guess you have to leave now.” I sighed.

“Here you go.” Harry said handing me my things.

“Thanks. See you later.” I said kissing him on the cheek.

“See you soon.” He said following the others out the door.

I picked up my iPod and immediately started listening to some random music. My phone started vibrating with a new message.

From: Unknown


How are you doing?

I have no idea who this is, but lets play along.

Not too good. I’m in the hospital with stomach flu.


From: Unknown

That’s not good news. I’ll see you soon.

Wait, what? Who was I talking too? Clearly they know me. I’ll have to wait and see.

I closed my eyes and just listened to the music play.

I have no idea how long I was laying there, when I felt a hand on my knee. My eyes flew open and I was staring into a pair of eyes that seemed really familiar somehow. They were like Harrys’, but this definitely wasn’t him.

“Hey, Melody.” He said smiling.

“Nick? Is that you?” I asked sitting up.

“The one and only.” He laughed.

“Get over here.” I said holding my arms open for a hug. He came over and I wanted to kill him.

“Can’t. Breathe.” He said.

“Sorry. I haven’t seen you in so long. Why did you start to ignore me all those years ago?” I asked letting him go.

“About that. Taylor was the main reason for that. She said she would tell all my friends that I had a crush on the school nerd.” He said not meeting my gaze.

“So you were afraid of getting your ego hurt? Wait, you had a crush on me?” I asked disbelievingly.

“Yeah, I was afraid of that too, but I was more afraid for your part. And yes, I still have crush on you.” He said finally looking at me. Nick is Taylors’ cousin. He had a twin, but they never spoke even when I was still living here. I had the biggest crush on him back then, but I have Harry now and I wasn’t planning on changing that.

“I wish I knew back then, because to be honest, I had the biggest crush on you too.” I said.

“Do you still have feelings for me?” he asked.

“Nick, I have a boyfriend now.” I answered.

“What? How old is he? He’s probably some freshman.”

“Actually, he’s 19.” I stated.

“He got held back?” he asked.

“No, I actually graduated last year.” I said offended.

“How did you swing that?” he asked.

“After my parents, I stuck my nose further in my books and I got bumped up a few grades. I’ve actually started a course on styling.” I stated.

“You were always good with that. The studying, but the styling too. Taylor could learn a few things from you.” He said nodding. “So who’s the guy?”

“His name’s Harry. His in a world famous boy band called One Direction. He’s really sweet and really easy to play a good prank on.” I said.

“You mean Harry Styles? As in The Harry Styles?” he asked shocked.


“Be careful, he’s a player. He’s one of those guys who’s good looking and he knows it.”

“How would you know anything about him? Have you met him?” I asked getting mad.

“No, I haven’t met him and I’m not planning on either.” He said.

“How can you judge someone you haven’t even met yet?”

“I know what I know.” He shrugged.

“I think its time you leave now.” I said a bit harsh.

“Fine, but I warned you, Mel.” he said standing up and walked to the door. “He’s not a good guy, Mel.”

I threw a stray pillow at his head, but he already disappeared. My phone beeped.

1 new message

From: Harry

Hey. How are you feeling?


To: Harry

My stomach’s fine, I’m just a bit mad.

What are you doing?


From: Harry

Everyone’s at the creek having a picnic. I’m home alone.

Why are you mad? Are you mad at me?


To: Harry

No, I’m not mad at you. Taylors’ cousin stopped by.

Told me he’s had a crush on me since school. I told him

I have you and he goes off telling me you’re dangerous.

You shouldn’t be home alone.


From: Harry

Don’t listen to him. That family is so not worth your time.

Its not the same without you. The boys are picking on meL


To: Harry

I miss you tooL Just picture me there with you.

At least I’ll be able to go home tomorrow.


From: Harry

I can’t just imagine you here, I tried.

That’s when the boys start picking on me.

Can’t wait for tomorrow to come.xxx


To: Harry

Me too.x

“Is everything okay in here?” the nurse asked.

“Uhm, I guess. You can’t, maybe, bring me some paper and a pencil?” I asked. I was bored and Delilah didn’t bring my sketch pad.

“Yes, of course.” She said walking out and coming back with a stack of paper and a few pencils.

“Thank you.” I said placing it on the table thing that goes over the bed. I looked out of the window and saw a beautiful landscape just beyond the road. I started drawing, only looking up every so often to look at the landscape.

It kept me busy for a good hour. There was a vase with a few sunflowers on a table against the wall and that kept be busy for only half an hour. I was running out of things to draw, when I remembered this old anime series I used to watch with Jane. I think it was called Mew Mew Power or something. I searched the characters on my phone and found a few good poses of them. I did a few sketches of each of the characters, not only the girls, but the love interests and the little fluffy heart thingy. I think he’s name was MiniMew or something. This kept me busy all day. I didn’t even realise it was 8pm until the doctor came by to do his rounds.

“How are you feeling, Miss Lexus?” he asked looking at my charts.

“A lot better. I haven’t thrown up again and the cramps are a lot less.” I said looking up from my drawing.

“That’s a good sign. If everything keeps like it is now, you’ll be able to leave tomorrow morning.” He said smiling at me. “You’ve got a lot of talent, miss. You should probably get some sleep now.”

“Thank you, goodnight.” I said putting the pencil down and shoving the table away. I was actually very tired as I didn’t get a good nights’ rest last night and I was up early throwing up. I switched off the light and cuddled into the extra pillow I asked for earlier. It was no Harry, but it would do for one night. I closed my eyes and drifted off with the green eyed curly haired boy in my thoughts.

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