Dressing Up or Dressing Down? (One Direction/Lou Teasdale)

Melody is just an ordinary girl, or so she hopes. Her dream is to become a stylist, but after a traumatic experience it was locked in her inner closet. What will happen when she moves to London to be mentored by the famous Lou Teasdale, her idol? What will become of her when she meets the five lads everyone wants to meet? No one knows, except Fate.


9. First Day

Can you guess how I woke up? I bet you can. On the floor tangled in my blanket.

“Damn it…” I groaned. I looked around to see five lifeless bodies laying everywhere in my living room. Snores where coming from each and every one of them. I stood up and successfully tiptoed my way past four of them. I was busy stepping over Harry, when my phone started ringing. I jumped back to the couch and grabbed my phone.

“Hello?” I whispered, looking at the boys. They were still asleep.

“Hey. Why are we whispering?” Lou asked in a hushed tone.

“The boys are asleep in my living room.” I said still whispering.

“Oh. Guess they really got into your games.” She said also whispering. “Wait, why am I whispering?” she asked talking normally again.

“So, why were you calling again Lou?” I asked, making my way to the stairs.

“Melody. Its 8 in the morning. We start with school today. Didn’t I tell you?” she asked.

“Oh, no, you didn’t! What time do I have to be at your house?” I asked almost shouting.

“In about 10 minutes.” She stated.

“Okay. How do I get the boys out of  my house in 10 minutes?” I asked remembering the bodies strewn across my floor.

“Just fry some bacon or something.” She said chuckling.

“Thanks Lou. See you soon. Bye.” I said hanging up. I went to my room, pulling on the first outfit I could find. I was wearing black skinny jeans with zippers coming up my calves, a black tank top and a leather mini jacket. I slipped on the new stilettos Lou forced me to buy yesterday. I looked like a rocker! I left my hair in curls flowing down my back and ran down to the kitchen. Wow! I got dressed in five minutes!

“Time to fry some bacon!” I shouted directing it to the living room. Still no sound. Oh well. I took some bacon from the fridge. I heard the crackling sound of the bacon and immediately the satisfying smell hit my nose.

“I smell food!” Oh, Niall.

“Bacon! Where’s the carrots?” I quickly grabbed a carrot out of the fridge too.

“Whutsgoinon?” Harry just woke up.

“Guys. Paul’s looking for us.” Liam yawned.

“Shut up guys.” Poor Zayn.

I was finished and quickly ate everything. It was just enough for me anyway, but it got them awake. I grabbed the carrot and walked out of the kitchen, nibbling on it as I walked past the grumpy looking boys.

“Good morning, boys.” I said walking back upstairs to grab my kit and notebook.

“Where’d the bacon go?!” I heard a few screams coming from the kitchen. I chuckled as I came back to the living room.

“Melody, I smelled bacon. Where did it go?” Niall asked.

“I have no idea what you are on about.” I said trying not to laugh.

“You very well know what we’re on about and why didn’t I get a carrot?” Oh, Louis.

“I’m not a maid. You can get one yourself, but not right now.” I said pushing them out the door and actually locking it for once. “I’ve got my first day of “school” happening in about… now. Bye!” I said as I started running in heels. Jeez, this hurts.

“Harry! Contain yourself!” I heard Liam call causing everyone to laugh and earning a very muted ‘shut up’ from Harry. Poor boy.

I ran up to the house and found Lou waiting outside.

“Sorry. I’m late, aren’t I?” I asked as I glanced at my phone.

“Yes, but only, like, 2 minutes.” She said.

“Hey, you try getting them out after smelling bacon and wanting carrots.” I said as she started laughing.

“Well, lets get going.” She said walking to her car.

“Where exactly is that?” I asked hopping into the car.

“My studio. I have a few volunteers for you to work on while I school you.” She said starting the car and driving out of the driveway. We were driving for about 20 minutes. “Let me guess, you fell of the couch again?” she asked as I closed my eyes.

“Yes…” I groaned. “and the boys kept sitting on me at some point. Can we just ban them from my place when I have ‘class’ the next morning?” I asked.

“We can and we will. You can’t work when you’re tired. Believe me, I know.” She nodded in agreement. “Oh and I love the outfit.”

“Thanks. I think Harry noticed too.” I said giggling at what happened earlier, causing Lou to pull out her phone. “What are you doing?” I asked. She didn’t answer as she pressed it to her ear.

“Stay away from my apprentice!” she yelled down the phone.

“Oh I know exactly how your perverted mind works, Haz.”

“Well, if you can’t, just try to control yourself around the 15 year old. Oh, and all of you are banned from seeing her when she has class the next morning. She’s dead tired.” She hung up. “Sorted.” She said putting it away.

“What did you just do?” I asked shocked.

“Eh, nothing major.” She shrugged. All I could do was shake my head. We came to a stop and Lou hopped out grabbing her bag. “Come on. We’re already running a little late.” We walked through the glass doors and I was faced with a very stuck up looking woman.

“Good morning Mrs. Teasdale.” She said and then turned looking me up and down and then back to my face.

“Good morning Chelsea. This is Melody Lexus. She’ll be working with me from now on.” She said giving me a smile. I just waved at her. People like her irritates me so much I want to rip my hair out, but I wouldn’t dare do that. We walked down a long hallway and came to a door that said ‘Make up department’ on it. She cracked the door open, waving me inside.

“Welcome to your new office!” she exclaimed as she took a seat on one of the comfy looking chairs.

“Wow…” this place was amazing. There were mirrors all over the walls and make up on all of the counters.

“Make yourself at home.” She said. “The volunteers will be here soon.” She helped me set up at one of the counters when about 10 people walked in.

“Hey, Lou.” They chorused.

“Hello, everyone! Thanks for coming.” She greeted them all as I stood there looking awkward. “This is Melody.” She pointed at me and I just waved. Okay, so I’m kind of an awkward turtle. “So, who’s first?” she asked as one guy stepped up and sat down in front of me.

“Hi, I’m Greg.” He said smiling at me.

“Hi.” I said sitting down. Lou gave me instructions and I started working making a few notes here and there.


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