Nobody Compares

Maddy's life was complicated, her mother died of cancer and now all she has is her father. Being 17 with no mother is hard for Maddy to live with until she ran away from home and went to a park then she met 5 boys and she knew them from anywhere, they were One Direction. This is my first fan fic so please favorite it or comment of how good it is?


1. Run Away.

Hi, I'm Maddy and I'm 17 years old and my mother, Aubrey, died from cancer when i was 15 now my dad, Rick, takes care of me. I have Brown hair with brown eyes and im skinny.

 My life is harder now without my mum around to have talks about boys and womenhood when my dad doesn't know about that stuff. I live in London, and i live in a medium sized house. "You okay doll face?" My dad asked while i was looking out of the living room window just quiet as a mouse. "Yeah. Why do you ask dad?" "I'm just worried. I don't like the fact you have no mother and just me." That's it I had to leave this hell! All he ever brings up is my mother. I'm tired of it! I got up from my place and went into my room and packed up the things i wanted to take, Make-up, clothes, laptop, my phone & charger, and the picture of my mum and I at the park before she passed. "Where do you think your going?" My father asks. "Like you would care!" I snapped. "Fine! Go ahead! Leave me for someone else to take care of you! Never come back! Your still my daughter but I don't want to see you again!" My father yelled. "ALL YOU EVER BRING UP IS MUM! I AM TIRED OF THIS SHIT! ALL YOU EVER DO IS HAVE A ONE NIGHT STAND EVERY NIGHT AND DRUNK AND DO DRUGS! I DON'T WANT TO BE AROUND YOU ANYMORE! I'LL LIVE WITHOUT YOU!" i screamed at my father and went out the front door and slammed it. I ran and ran till it seemed like forever and stopped at a small park. I sat on a swing and cried for about 30 more minutes until i heard a fimilar laugh. I knew it from anywhere. I look up and saw 5 lads walking torwards the swing. I knew them from anywhere! THEY'RE ONE DIRECTION!!!

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