Fan Rants

Even if we're totally in love with something we will always find flaws. Here are some rants I, and others, feel about things we adore.


16. The Host (again)

Right so I went to see the Host with my friends so clearly we are going to be picking out every crappy bit, so here I go...

- Jared iis supposed to be the main guy in the film and the books right? But the camera is always centered on Ian, and everyone knows Jared is so cuter than Ian!

- Wanderer should say the things Mel wants her to seeming as though it is Melanies body!

- I cried when a character you barely know at all drives into a wall and dies, I was sitting there crying my eyes out whilst my friends were laughing their heads of because you could see a hand hanging out of the car!

- Did I mention that Jared is the cutest? No? Well- he is.

- There are loads of really bad script writing throught the film where you can add bits to make sound really wrong such as;

    *Wanderer has just woken up in a new body and Mel told her to look in the mirror, "SHES A MAN!"

    * "Its strange having a body that wont let me use it,"~Wanda, eww just eww dont go near that Ian

    * "I miss, everything about her,"~ Jared, look I know your cute but how can you miss he- her.... yeah

- In the flashbacks the only thing Mel and Jared do is make out, I feel really sorry for her little brother Jamie who has to live with this everyday!


My fave quote:

"Its a strange world,"

"The strangest."


~Vamps xxx

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