Fan Rants

Even if we're totally in love with something we will always find flaws. Here are some rants I, and others, feel about things we adore.


44. The Avengers

Phil Coulson wears sunglasses at night

Tesseract control powers allow for MIND control by tapping the centre of someone's CHEST

Loki attacks and then addresses Germans- OK next move?

SPEAKS TO THEM IN ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While Thor and Iron Man have a battle, Loki just stays where he is while they fight, then Captain America turns up and breaks the fight off, Loki still stays where he is and NONE OF THEM think its even slightly suspicious?!!!!!!!!!!!

The Heli-carrier is almost destroyed by TWO ARROWS (one for engine three, one for engine one)

The 'I've obviously got no radio in myear but lets pretend I have' trick

For a super soldier, Captai America is a terrible shot with a gun

"Dying-person-can't-finish-their-last-profund-statement-before-dying" cliche

Nick Fury motivates his team by lying about the location of Baseball Cards

Thor has trouble picking up his hammer but its never explained

Every gadget has to glow blue light

Black Widow knows exactly how to handle and fire an alien weapon seconds after picking it up

Hulk can suddenly control his powers because the movie demands it

Thor's lightning is really affective against the aliens but he only uses it once

There is no gravity in space but Iron Man falls back to Earth anyway



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