Fan Rants

Even if we're totally in love with something we will always find flaws. Here are some rants I, and others, feel about things we adore.


47. Shippers

Before you all yell at me, let me explain. I'm NOT saying I'm against all shippers, because I have "ships" myself.

But I have come across people who aren't interested in the plot of a story and their entire interest is to ship.

Is that all you want to do?


Put romantic bits in everywhere?

Can't you... storyline for a bit? have some interest in the plot of a story too?

and there are a few ships which completely goes against the characters personalities and that's worse

for example: one of us authors, as has been seen in chapter 1, ships Neville and Luna. This ship is alright because it does work out and can work out, and has done so in the movie

Then some people are shipping Thorin and Thranduil. The type of people who have not read the books, just seen the movies where hate between dwarves and elves has been bigged up. Personally, I find this ship ridiculous because it takes away their personalities completely, not only in the film, but Tolkien has said that because of Thranduil's background that would not happen. Not to mention Thorin, which I know less about. However, around chapter 3 of the Hobbit it says something along the lines of "even decent dwarves like Thorin and his friends think them foolish- which is a foolish thing to think. For some elves tease them and most of all about their beards"

Therefore indicating this would never happen. It's ridiculous and completely destroying their personalities.

But... shippers will ship they say


I'm not putting my name in here btw

Well, actually you've probably guessed already. oh well :P

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