Fan Rants

Even if we're totally in love with something we will always find flaws. Here are some rants I, and others, feel about things we adore.


20. Les Miserables: Gavroche and Courfeyrac

Not really anything negative. In fact this is good. In the movie I absolutely love the relationship between Gavroche and Courfeyrac.

I love it so much I am currently writing a fanfic.

When Gavroche dies I cried. Yes, the fact that Gav died was upsetting but Fey's reaction made it worse for me. Fra Fee's reaction was absolutely amazing. He is such an amazing actor! I read a fanfic about this and Fey was planning to adopt Gav. I loved it so much!!

Usually in Fanfics, Grantaire is the father figure to Gavroche, but I prefer Fey because a) Fey is one of my favourite characters and b) Grantaire isn't really a 'fatherly' figure. He's a drunkard.

~Jehan's Muse~

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