Fan Rants

Even if we're totally in love with something we will always find flaws. Here are some rants I, and others, feel about things we adore.


7. Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part Two

In the Deathly Hallows part two after/when she snaps at Harry because Voldemort defiled her mother's diadem, even though Helena is a ghost she is BREATHING!

And Hermione's character swaps with Ron's a bit- he says/suggests clever stuff while she just stares a lot

For example: Ron thinks about visiting the chamber of secrets to get basilisk fans, Ron remembers that the room of requirement doesn't show up on the Marauders Map

Also, on the bridge that Neville blows up (with Seamus and the rest), he did a Gandalf! I half expected him to shout "fly you fools" or something. The end of that bridge was too straight in the middle where he was holding on which was a bit unrealistic. and when Scabior and the other death eaters fell why didn't they disapperate and save themselves?

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