Fan Rants

Even if we're totally in love with something we will always find flaws. Here are some rants I, and others, feel about things we adore.


15. Beautiful Creatures

When you see the film you will not all entirely be impressed as If you havent read the books you have no idea what the hell is happening when Ethan looks in the mirror and instead an old man is standing  there in his place? And you only work that  out- if you're clever- at the very end of the film!

Also when Lena and Ethan are suckking face in the field and he asks for snow, as soon as it starts to fall you can so tell its shredded paper! When it catches in her hair it doesnt melt or anything?!?!?!


But the worst part of this film was... The accents *shudder*. They had hired english actors to play the parts of people who lived in a town in Texas, what a bad choice.  Their accents kept coming and going throught the film and that was really annoying.


Fave quote:

"Wait, Ethan Wate just asked me to the ball, Eio Mio Gawd!"

~Vamps xxx

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