Fan Rants

Even if we're totally in love with something we will always find flaws. Here are some rants I, and others, feel about things we adore.


33. Batman; The dark night rises

Ok so Im a wuss for crying at this book when Batman supposedly "died" I know, I know. Im weird. I loved the film but what annoyed me most was that massive twist when that goodie woman- Im really bad with names- turned out to be a baddie supposedly man up unil now. In my opinion it kind of killed the story. Also I absolutly hated Hated HATED it when Albert left Bruce :,( But one of the things I luurved was... (dun dun dunnnnn).... CATWOMAN!!! The way she was portrayed as a "cat burgalar" and not a "cat woman" was interesting and how she was actually "friends" with Bruce/Batman and helped him was really cute <3


Fave quote:

"A girls gotta eat!" Selina Kyle A.K.A Catwoman


~Vampiress xxx

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