Fan Rants

Even if we're totally in love with something we will always find flaws. Here are some rants I, and others, feel about things we adore.


36. An Unexpected Journey: The Movie (part3)


I decided to do my one rant to rule them all in three parts because otherwise it was too long. Hoping you don't get bored, enjoy


Chapter 36:


Where did Galadriel's teleportation come from?


Half of The Company would not have survived the Thunder Battle had it happened in real life


So the Goblins made a massive collapsible floor just in case someone came by and wanted to sleep for a while?


The floor collapsed exactly where The Company was and nowhere else


Only Nori notices Bilbo crouch on the floor- everyone else just conveniently steps over or around him by chance and doesn't notice him- neither do the goblins behind him notice him crouch suddenly


Azog tells his pack "Their scent is fresh" when searching for The Company- if the scent was fresh how did he and his Warg Riders only reach them after they escaped from the Goblins when Tolkien clearly stated in the books that the company went in on Monday or Tuesday and came out on a Thursday? It wouldn't have taken Azog that long!


Lots of falls from heights that should have killed but didn't


In 'Riddles in the Dark', they missed out some riddles and shortened others!!!


Gollum can somehow tell the difference between an elvish blade and a normal one when he hasn't met any elves yet


Searching the Dwarves didn't take the Goblins long- five seconds before they stopped?


Everyone seems to somehow know Thorin- even when they've never met him before (like the goblin king)


Elrond knew Thror but never met Thorin


Bombur falls of one of the goblin platforms- then suddenly is back on on the same platform as the rest of The Company running as fast as he can with the rest of them


When 'running' from Sméagol, Bilbo walks and jogs instead


Sméagol stops chasing Bilbo to yell "Thief! Baggins!", from Sméagol's point of view that would just give him more time to get away


Where are the guards at the exit Bilbo used?!!!


Gandalf doesn't seem worried at first when he says "Where's Bilbo?". Then suddenly he's yelling "Where is our hobbit?"




Moths can apparently fly faster than Eagles


Why doesn't Thorin help his friends instead of charging at Azog alone?


Azog changes his mind about wanting to kill Thorin himself only so Bilbo has enough time to save Thorin


Some of the Dwarves decide they can get up out of the tree and go and help Thorin after all- but only after he's been badly injured


Azog sits on the White Warg and does nothing while the Eagles throw the orcs off a cliff


The Eagles attack the Orcs first and help Gandalf and his friends afterwards


Orcist is suddenly back in its sheath not beside Thorin and just out of the reach of his arm when the Eagle picks him up


The Eagles leave the Company on a high rock so they now have a dangerous climb down from that rock


Mirkwood goes on too far (hundreds of miles or more) for the Dwarves to be able to see the Lonely Mountain from the other side


Birds in real life wouldn't fly back to the Lonely Mountain until Smaug was dead


Some of the music in AUJ is very repetitive



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