Fan Rants

Even if we're totally in love with something we will always find flaws. Here are some rants I, and others, feel about things we adore.


34. An Unexpected Journey: The Movie (part1)


Watched half of the the Hobbit last night and here is the resulting rant

WARNING: This may be quite long


Chapter 34:

The only reason Thrandruil and the Mirkwood Elves are in the prologue is so Thorin can develop a hatred of elves that isn't real (so in the books) in the first place!!!!!!


Balin says "And I thought... There is one I could follow" when he was finishing telling Bilbo and nearly everyone else about when Thrain tried to re-take Moria but Thorin saved his life in Erebor before that battle


DWALIN'S MOHECAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if I've spelt it right, probably haven't)


Azog says "I remember your father reeked of it, Thorin son of Thrain" in some sort of Orcish, but Azog beheaded THROR, Thorin GRANDFATHER and didn't meet Thrain


When Smaug went through the front gate of Erebor, Throin was right in front of the Dwarf Ranks and shouldn't have survived, he only did because the story demanded it (of course)


Thorin was outside Erebor when Smuag attacked and only his father and grandfather escaped!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The story began a long time ago with the markets of Dale and the Kingdom of Erebor, but also began "as you might expect", with a hobbit living in a hobbit-hole in Hobbiton


When Fili and Kili arrive, they pronounce themselves "F-ee-li" and "K-i-li", it should either be "F-ee-li" and "K-ee-li" or "F-i-li" and "K-i-li"


Fili and Kili are supposed to both be blond not one blond, one dark-brown/black-kind-of-colour


Everyone knows psychically who's at the door when Thorin arrives


After the trolls no-one seems to remember how clever Bilbo was but doesn't forget about him not be able to fight properly when he joined the company as a burglar not a warrior!


The movie fails to mention the actual hunger the company was feeling and why they went to check out the trolls in the first place- to find out if whoever was around the fire had food NOT to find ponies which had been taken by the trolls for dinner- if that had actually happened the trolls would have found Fili and Kili as well as the horses if not the other dwarves


Why didn't Fili and Kili see the ponies get taken by the trolls who are both massive and loud


When talking about Smaug at the gathering in Bag End, Bofur says a lot of un-helpful things, but Gandalf doesn't complain or try to stop him until Bilbo has fainted


If Bilbo has a reaction to horse hair, how helpful is the rag Bofur rips of from material that's just been touching a horse going to be?


When did Azog swear an oath to wipe out the line of Durin? Didn't he only meet anyone from that line when Thror tried to re-take Moria?


Why didn't Thorin kill Azog in the movie when he had the chance instead of just cutting off his arm as revenge? Both common sense and character nature


Thorin suddenly loses ALL of his fighting skill when he attacks Azog after the company escape from the Goblin King to suit the story


When Radagast is treating Sebastian the Hedgehog, the reason his treatments don't work is because he either waves the treatment near the Hedgehog or touches Sebastian with it once and doesn't even try to feed it to him- yes he wouldn't naturally but its too obvious that he didn't!



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