A girl named Scarlett didn’t have an ordinary life she was living in a dark home and dark place with no family and no friends until she had to escape from demon wolfs. She tries to protect herself and she finds another person … a guy who is escaping from them and together they must defeat the demon wolfs but will they fall in love or die together. She is a Powerfulness which is a power that she can defeat anyone with it but she can’t defeat the demon wolfs because they are Wilfulness which is that they are alpha’s, evil but no one can defeat them.
Scarlett falls in love with a demon wolf and the ordinary guy… who will she choose?
She teams up with Heath’s friends who are good.


2. Scarlett meets Heath


I woke up with Hunter’s gentle and tender arms around me, he woke up and said ‘’Today is hunting day’’. I remembered and when to shower, I got my leather jacket, skinny jeans, a guns and horses t- shirt, black old trainers and when I came out I saw a prepared meal which I didn’t make, he said to me ‘’I just made this no big deal but I hope it will impress you that I’m not as stupid as you think I am’’. What he didn’t know that I was speechless, maybe I didn’t know him that well and I doubted him so much, perhaps I was pushing him away because I didn’t trust people anymore. Since in the past they always bullied me.


A young Scarlett was in the entrance with everyone staring at her, she had black hair with ringlets on the end of her hair, she had a white dress and black shoes, she was holding her teddy bear to keep her safe, and she had a porcelain skin even though the kids thought she was too pale to be a human. Everyone was scared of her and was afraid to be close to her, Scarlett came in her first class when the teacher said ‘’Meet our new student, Scarlett Wilson’’. Everyone was quiet, she sat in the back so no one will look at her, a blonde boy threw a note at her and it read ‘What are you doing here, come back from where you came from’.

She tried to ignore him but through the whole class he and his friends were throwing notes at her, she wanted it to be over till the bell ringed and she went to the toilet, closed the door and sobbed until when someone came and she was quiet. She heard the girls saying ‘’Heard of the freaky girl Scarlett, geez she is horrifying… maybe she is just putting up an act to scare us, even the boys will be afraid of her’’, the door closed and she came out. She was still crying thinking that she was a failure being here, she went to get food in the cafeteria.

Everyone was quiet; maybe it was unusual to have a new girl here. There was an empty table, she went there and people started to make fun of her. She got angry… secretly and she saw something glowing in her hand when she pointed it at the blonde boy who kept making fun of her. He exploded and looked injured … that day she discovered she had a power which was Powerless and that day she knew that will be the last day of her school days.  She ran away and that was the same day her family died. That was the only time she was in school, since then she never came back to school.

End of flashback

I snapped out of my thoughts and ate my breakfast while Hunter was going through the map and reminding where we will start. I got my bag and I saw a car, I said something for the first time in the morning ‘’you brought that, here?’’. He said playfully ‘’isn’t it cool, now get in’’, I followed his orders and the Ferrari black car started driving until we were in the woods.  We had the weapons we needed.

He said to me ‘’I forgot the weapons, I’ll be right back’’, I said quietly ‘’ Okay’’. I was alone there and it took me back when I was in the woods with my brother … trying to get away from the demon wolfs. I could blame myself for that happening because if I hadn’t been there,

nothing would have happened. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard clapping from behind, thinking it was Hunter but it wasn’t. The guy had green eyes, dark brown hair and had the bad boy figure, he said ‘’Hunting for demon wolfs? Don’t worry I ditched them even though I’m bad’’, I wanted to run but I couldn’t just run away from my problems. I started shouting ‘’Do you know what you put me through, I have no family because of you … mutts!’’, he came closer to me and said in a hunky way ‘’don’t blame me for something I didn’t do perhaps blame my friends and may I ask who are you? By the way … you look kind of hot for a girl who wears leather jackets’’. 

I flinched when he called me hot, I didn’t have to introduce myself but I did, I answered his question ‘’I’m Scarlett Wilson, my parents and my older brother died being eaten by the demon wolfs and my hunting partner is getting something out of his car and he will kick your butt if he knows you are a demon wolf’’.  He just responded, ignoring me ‘’I’m Heath and yeah, as you know I’m a demon wolf but I ditched my friends’’, I asked him mysteriously ‘’Why?’’. He answered my question ‘’they always make me odd one out and aren’t you supposed to be killing me now?’’.

He was smirking, probably thinking that I’m too weak to kill him, I came closer this time and said ‘’Look you Heath, I would have killed you but my hunting partner is getting the weapons’’. He gave me the idea ‘’Why don’t you just beat me up then … oh wait, you can’t beat me because you think I’m too hot for you’’, I gasped and laughed ‘’You think you are too hot for me, I’d rather go out with a dead person who just came from its own grave’’. He didn’t laugh but I figured he was angry now ‘’you are lucky I didn’t kill you now and you are vulnerable anyways and that proves that I’m a good person’’, I laughed again because he was too funny now thinking he was a good person ‘’you a good person?’’ I chuckled, it was a good joke.

He grabbed my neck and pushed me through the tree, I choked and he said ‘’Scarlett, you seriously don’t believe that I’m a good person, you get this for not believing me’’. He was still pushing me and I felt blood dripping down my neck, he looked into my eyes and his eyes had been more sensitive when he stopped squeezing my neck. He said to himself, ignoring I’m there injured ‘’I’m too useless to kill you, you are Powerless aren’t you?’’. I saw a shadow before I could answer, Heath was gone, I thought I imagined black dots when I heard Hunter come out and he said ‘’Scarlett, oh my god are you okay? Of course you are not you are injured’’.

 I woke up in the living room of my house and I saw the TV, my house, my everything and Hunter, I wasn’t in the woods with that guy …Heath!, he answered ‘’Are you okay now, I was worried about you but luckily this guy knows what happened’’. I saw Heath in the kitchen of him saying ‘’your house looks like my grandma’s house with an actual TV’’, I looked surprised and said ‘’Heath!’’, he said in the same way except with my name ‘’Scarlett’’. I saw him gulping, I figured since I’m Powerless, I could sense that he is trying so bad not to eat me. I came closer to him, teasing him because he was a wolf ‘’What are you doing here, Heath?’’.

 He looked down and murmured ‘’Nice to meet you too?’’, I yelled at him ‘’Just answer my question, what are you doing here Heath?!’’. Hunter came and asked ‘’You know this guy … wait you know each other, how?’’, Heath just said ‘’What’s with the million questions people, some people need a break including me’’. I just looked shocked, Hunter probably didn’t know that he is a demon wolf because Heath would be dead by now, I pulled Heath out of the living room to the kitchen and asked ‘’What are you doing here and doesn’t Hunter know that you are-‘’. He cutted me off and said ‘’No he doesn’t and I am sorry I pushed you but he can’t know about me’’, I came to Hunter and said ‘’He is a demon wolf, how don’t you not know that?’’, he answered by saying ‘’You are still not okay and you are being paranoid, so I’m going to get you a towel’’. Hunter went up the stairwell and Heath said ‘’having a little romance there, aren’t you?’’, I shouted at him ‘’Shut up Heath’’ I started to whisper ‘’If he finds out, you are completely dead!’’.

 He set me down on the couch and said ‘’and he isn’t, you should rest’’, I pulled his hand, he fell on top of me and he just looked at me when he leaned in and we saw Hunter, he looked shocked. There was this tension in the room but Heath interrupted by saying ‘’Hey… you know what, I’m late for my meeting with my friends’’, Heath ran out of the house even though he ditched his friends.

Hunter was talking about something I couldn’t make up because I was thinking about Heath, was he really going to kiss me or just do something else, Hunter waved his right hand in my face which made me snap out of my thoughts, I asked ‘’What, do we have any updates about hunting?’’. He shook his head, I looked at the map and I could feel him staring at me, I looked up at him and he was still looking at me. I asked him being self-conscious  ‘’Do I have something on my face?’’, he said ‘’No, you just look very beautiful’’, I asked again ‘’Really?’’.

He said ‘’Yes, you are’’ and he touched my face which I could barely feel, I got up when I felt a knock on the door. I checked the whole and there were people with red eyes but no one has red eyes except the … demon wolfs! I whispered at Hunter ‘’the demon wolfs are here, get the weapons’’ but the door was knocked down because of their strength and Heath was behind then and he said ‘’I’m sorry, my friends can be wild’’.

Everyone was quiet but he said ‘’who wants to party, because I want to!’’, he started waving his hands saying ‘whoop’. I started giggling but then I went serious by asking ‘’What are your friends doing here’’, I was pointing a gun at them to keep me safe. Heath putted it away gently and explained ‘’We are the good guys, the good guys have red eyes except me because I became one of them when I was about thirteen or fourteen’’, I quietly said ‘’Okay’’.

Hunter was surprised and said to me ‘’Are you crazy, Scarlett, they could be lying!’’, I showed him my book about the biography of the demon wolf and the difference of the bad ones and the good ones.  I saw the bad ones, they must have knew their scents and their traces but mostly their scents.What was going on!?

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