A girl named Scarlett didn’t have an ordinary life she was living in a dark home and dark place with no family and no friends until she had to escape from demon wolfs. She tries to protect herself and she finds another person … a guy who is escaping from them and together they must defeat the demon wolfs but will they fall in love or die together. She is a Powerfulness which is a power that she can defeat anyone with it but she can’t defeat the demon wolfs because they are Wilfulness which is that they are alpha’s, evil but no one can defeat them.
Scarlett falls in love with a demon wolf and the ordinary guy… who will she choose?
She teams up with Heath’s friends who are good.


1. Meet Scarlett's Life

Seven years ago, my family died … I suddenly realized that day, I was alone. By myself, as a child I never had friends; I was constantly bullied because I was pale, quiet, strange and always alone. 
I was at home, playing dolls when they came and with my own eyes … I saw my parents getting killed. They were screaming ‘’Scarlett, run!’’ and I saw them … they had grey fur with blood in them, their teeth eating my parents flesh and their monstrous arms scratching their bodies … I just stood there watching them die instead of helping but I was hopeless. My parents were telling me to run when my older brother who looked exactly like me except he had grey eyes, he came downstairs and saw them. 
He grabbed my hands and I ran with him, running into the woods when there weren’t any trees anymore and there were all the demon wolfs around us… we were trapped. There was a little gap somewhere and my brother whispered as if it were his last words ‘’Run’’, I ran and saw him getting bitten and scratched by the bulky wolfs, I screamed  from the top of my lungs ‘’NO!’’ to him even though he was dead. I ran until I found a new dark place to live but … my family was dead and nobody could replace that.
And that’s why I’m here now, just alone, by myself with anyone but me. I grew up in this dark place, I didn’t even go to school nor foster homes because kids would be saying ’Are you okay’ or ‘Is it true your family died’, in foster homes people would feed me and care about me even though they don’t give a damn about me. I was now 16 years old still living here; they said this place was a haunted place but I didn’t care. I heard a gentle knock in the door which I haven’t heard in years; I peeked through the hole of the door and saw a man in his teenage years with blood on his clothes reminding me what happened in the past
. I opened the maroon coloured door and said ‘’what do you want? It’s not safe here’’, he responded ‘’Have you heard of the wolfs that have Wilfulness power? Well they are after me’’. I just laughed at him and answered ‘’And I don’t care because you could be one of them, you know they transfer to humans but not disguises, it’s strange but I’m used to seeing them eating peoples flesh no matter how disgusting it is’’, I  nearly closed the door when he opened it and came in by himself. I heard him behind pleading ‘’Please, I just need a shelter and this was the only place I found on my GPS watch’’, I angrily said ‘’Maybe you could have come here first seven years ago’’ I grabbed the sharpest knife I had and threw it at the wall near him.

 He looked shocked and impressed at me, he said to me ‘’I am a detective of the wolfs that have this power called Wilfulness … I am 16 years old and my name is Hunter Flynn, how about you’’. I said to him ‘’I have lived here alone with no family for seven years … I am 16 too and my name in Scarlett Wilson’’, he looked around and just left the home. I called down ‘’Wait … you could stay here, I have enough room for you’’, he smirked at himself and that when I knew this was the biggest mistake I ever made and I knew I will regret this.
I was really agitated by how he was acting, he ate my leftovers from the cleaned counter, he snored too much and he always teased and flirted at me whenever he wanted to but this was serious, I was telling him how could we hunt down the demon wolfs but all he says is it depends. This time he was distracted by watching the 80’s looking TV that was in black and white but had modern programmes in them.  He laughed and told me to relax, I told him ‘’If you won’t take it seriously get out, I even doubt that you are the detective now’’, he looked up at me with those mesmerizing eyes. He got up and he started making a map, he said  ‘’The demon wolfs always track down the humans who are near to them, they could track down people by 1000 miles away and they have Wilfulness which they could beat anyone with’’ 
He hesitated but continued ‘’My grandpa said that he tried to beat them with his power but he was defeated, he was the closest to beat them since then they have this power no one could defeat them with anything’’,  he looked serious and got the red marker from the misshapen  black table . 
He drew where the hunting will start and said ‘’There in the city named Cedric  Street we will start there in the woods because people will freak out if they know that we are killing some demon wolfs who don’t get food poisoning from eating people’s flesh’’. This time I laughed with him because he was a bit funny even though this was really serious, we started marking where we will go and what we will need. We were going to start tomorrow because he said he was too lazy to go today, he was too much of a grumpy man but I needed him for the hunting because he was a detective and I was just some lonely girl who doesn’t want to get into a foster home.
He interrupted my thoughts by saying ‘’Goodnight, babe’’, I said ‘’whatever and goodnight’’.  I went to my room which was like a Victorian room where there is a lace print on the wall, a full mirror, a classic wardrobe and the four poster bed which was king-sized. I didn’t bother sleeping because every time I sleep I think about my mother, my dad and my older brother getting eaten by those mutts. Tomorrow was going to be the day when it ends; it stops and just … doesn’t go on anymore. And I’m happy about that, I just need hope and dream, I drifted off to sleep, leading to a nightmare.
It was 3:00 am when I woke up with me sweating and a concerned and worried Hunter in front of me which is unusual to me, he asked me ‘’Are you okay’’. I sounded unsure ‘’I’m fine’’, but I started gagging because of the dream thinking it better not become real. Hunter brought a bin bag since I didn’t have a bucket, he started rubbing my back and I looked for a moment in those eyes … the eyes that you can see through moonlight. He asked me, caringly ‘’Are you okay, you know what I’m going to sleep with you tonight so you don’t get any nightmares, okay?’’, I nodded and fell asleep so quickly more than I usually do.
I didn’t have any nightmare neither dreams because I knew a person that was right next to me cared about me and tried to protect me. I was surprised because when the first time I met Hunter, he was really and by that I mean really playful but he was sometimes serious when I’m serious but I’m always like that and today was the first time I laughed at something, someone made me laugh when no one did in seven years, my mom had this talent of humor which could cheer anyone up, including me. My brother took after her and made me laugh every time he was caught on purpose playing with my dolls even though he had his own toys … sometimes I miss them and just wish I could go back in time. But it doesn’t matter because there is only one caring person in my life and that person is Hunter Flynn.

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