Happy ending

I was getting ready to leave on the tour, I was sitting in my room with three suitcases, two for me and one for Bentley and mine, Louis' and Bentley's clothes were scattered around the floor. I heard Louis in the shower just getting out and the girls downstairs. Bentley is one now two in four months so his birthday will be on tour, we still want to do something special. Bentley loves to talk and he is getting good at it.


13. When? How? What?

Harry called all of us into the living room with Demi, I hoped they weren't moving too fast, they need to rebuild. Start again. I walked into the living room with Bentley, Shannon and Hope, everyone else was already there.

I took a seat beside Shannon, putting Bentley on the cushion next to me, while Shannon held Hope.

"Ok well we have an announcement" Harry said looking around at everyone

"well go on" Louis said looking at him

"Ok we're getting married guys" Harry said with the biggest smile I've seen in a long while, plastered on his face

"What?" everyone asked at the same time

"We're getting married" Harry said again pulling Demi close

"When? How? What" Liam asked clearly in shock, It must be hard from him, he just broke up with Danielle and seeing couples everywhere.

"Well yesterday I propose, she said yes and it's next year" Harry said proudly

"Harry are you ready?" Louis asked

"I am Louis, I am" Harry said

I got up and hugged him congratulating him

*Authors note*

Hey guys so ive decided to keep this going

Did anyone hear about the new tour OMFG I cant breath, you should have seen me and my friend yesterday during school, got a lunch time for screaming in class when I found out

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