Happy ending

I was getting ready to leave on the tour, I was sitting in my room with three suitcases, two for me and one for Bentley and mine, Louis' and Bentley's clothes were scattered around the floor. I heard Louis in the shower just getting out and the girls downstairs. Bentley is one now two in four months so his birthday will be on tour, we still want to do something special. Bentley loves to talk and he is getting good at it.


17. Oh no they didnt

Harry and Demi have been gone for a couple of days, they went to Vegas for a break and were coming back today.

Me, Louis and the rest of the crew are going to pick them up.

We all arrived at the airport and Demi came running over to all us girls, grabbing us all and hugging everyone together, Harry and the boys did their own wee group hug too.

I was throwing my hands about like a retard and ended up hitting a ring on the second last finger on Demi's left hand, oh no they didn't.

"Demi did you and Harry get married?" I asked unsure of my question, she looked shocked and confused at the same time.

"Oh umm, ah umm, Harry" she called and I could tell something was up

Harry obviously heard the question and sighed before answering me

"Yes we did get married" Everyone's eyes locked with his, staring at him like he was some sort of monster.

"Why?" Louis asked looking hurt

"Well we just went to Vegas for a holiday and nothing more but then Demi was like why don't we get married while we're here? you know what they say about Vegas and I thought it would be a good idea to have a wedding without the pap's finding us" I understood him, it just would have been nice to be at his wedding.

"Don't worry guys we decided that it didn't feel right not having you there so we are going to have another wedding over here, as that wedding wasn't officially a wedding, we didn't get the papers so we aren't even legally married" he finished and everyone looked relived

"Well congratulations guys" Niall said smiling

"Thanks mate"

"Yeah congrats" Everyone finished off

"Thank you all" Harry said holding Demi's waist

*Authors note*

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, wasn't sure if I would continue with this





Read that should be me and your so pretty when you cry

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