Happy ending

I was getting ready to leave on the tour, I was sitting in my room with three suitcases, two for me and one for Bentley and mine, Louis' and Bentley's clothes were scattered around the floor. I heard Louis in the shower just getting out and the girls downstairs. Bentley is one now two in four months so his birthday will be on tour, we still want to do something special. Bentley loves to talk and he is getting good at it.


11. Letter

Harry has been really down lately and me and Louis have tried to cheer him up, all the boys have and the girls, Bentley has even tried talking to him and some times you catch him smile at what Bentley has said and some times he's a bit lifeless.

He misses Demi and I hope she's missing him and knows what she's done and how wrong it was, she broke Harry, he liked her more than anyone would have thought.

The door to our hotel room knocked and Liam got up to answer it, while we all sat in the living room area, this room was huge and the boys deserved it all, the fans noticed in Harry's performances that he was done and not himself but he tried, he tried to perform to the best of his abilities and you could tell it was eating him alive known that he wasn't.

"Harry" Liam called walking into the room while a huge bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates that were as big as his head.

Harry raised an eyebrow and sat up straight, fixing his clothing as he did so, we all looked at him with wide eyes to see who could have sent them, he found a card and began to read it, as he did you could see the smile that spread across his lips every now and then, when he put the letter down, he was back to normal, our Harry was back, the sparkle back in his green eyes, his perfect face glowing again.

"What was it Harry" Louis asked getting up and walking over to Harry

"Demi" was all he replied smiling again.

Demi was nice and we all did like her but what she did, not believing me, thinking I would make it up, and then trying to turn Harry against me, I didn't know what to do and weather to forgive her, I just hope she fixes Harry or he finds someone knew.

Harry then handed me the flowers and I was confused

"Why are you giving these to me?" I asked with a confused tone

"Your names on the card with Louis' in the middle of them" Harry said being back to himself "I could still take them though if you wish" he said smiling

"No your ok" I said lifting the flowers and hooking through to try and find the card, I knew these were from Demi and I had to see what she had to say.

Louis sat down beside me as I began to open it

Dear Leah and Louis,

I am truly sorry for believing my brother over you two,

what was I thinking? yeah he is my brother but you all have been nothing but nice to me.

I have come to my senses and I now know you would never make something like that up.

I have disowned Josh and will never call him my brother again

I hope you two can find it in your heart to give me another chance as I love Harry more than words can say

I want what you and Louis have with Harry, I want a family with Harry

Forgive me Demi x

I held the letter in my hands smiling, I was glad she apologised, I was glad she said she loved harry and she wanted us to forgive her, I would forgive her and I would like to be her friend again, watching her and Harry be together again


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