Happy ending

I was getting ready to leave on the tour, I was sitting in my room with three suitcases, two for me and one for Bentley and mine, Louis' and Bentley's clothes were scattered around the floor. I heard Louis in the shower just getting out and the girls downstairs. Bentley is one now two in four months so his birthday will be on tour, we still want to do something special. Bentley loves to talk and he is getting good at it.


9. Josh

Louis and I where going on a date tonight as we haven't been on one from Bentley was born. I was really excited and couldn't wait to see what Louis had planned for us as he always did something amazing.

He made me stay in a different room last night so that I could spend the day getting ready and then he would come knocking on my door like a teen on her first date.

Me and Perrie had spent hours getting myself ready, Shannon was looking after Hope and popping in to help at random times while Harry and Demi went out on their own date day.

My hair was curly and hanging just under my shoulders, I had red lipstick on and eye make-up. I wore a black dress and black heels. As I did the finishing touches I heard a knock at the door and suddenly felt very nervous.

It was Demi's brother Josh what was he doing here and where was Louis? "Josh why are you here?" I asked him with a confused tone

"Demi missed me and then when Louis saw me he told me to bring you somewhere to give him more time to have everything ready" he told me reaching his hand out so that I would take it.

I grabbed a bag and then walked off the tour bus with Josh's hand in mine, it didn't feel like it did when I held the other boys hands, I didn't feel safe holding Josh's, when I went to pull my hand out of his he looked at me weirdly, as if I had three heads.

"he's over here" Josh said bringing around a corner with a lot of trees, I wasn't sure if I should believe him, I followed any way and then he grabbed me, he held my shoulders and kept me standing just in front of him, I began to shake and felt his hot breath on my face sending bad chills down my spine.

He smirked and then smashed his lips to mine, I refused to kiss back and screamed trying to break free, I heard someone in the distance, when I looked up I seen Louis standing looking like he could kill Josh and so could I.

Louis ran over throwing punches everywhere, knocking him off me, Louis was going to kill him and I had to pull him a way and into the bus.

He held me tight and wouldn't let go, he cuddled me and kissed me a million times telling me everything was ok

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