Happy ending

I was getting ready to leave on the tour, I was sitting in my room with three suitcases, two for me and one for Bentley and mine, Louis' and Bentley's clothes were scattered around the floor. I heard Louis in the shower just getting out and the girls downstairs. Bentley is one now two in four months so his birthday will be on tour, we still want to do something special. Bentley loves to talk and he is getting good at it.


5. Hospital

Bentley was taken away to a room, he had now stopped crying and had closed his eyes, and I hugged Louis tight and cried while my head was at the crook of neck and he did the same to me, Louis had never cried like this, but he has seen me cry like this.

Nurses were running about back and forth, to and from Bentley's room. Twenty minutes later a nurse finally walked over to us and had a look of sympathy in her eyes

"I'm sorry but we don' know if he will survive" she said and then walked way to leave us to process it

"Louis" I cried while he rubbed my back and kissed the back of my head

"shh baby it's ok" he said still kissing me and rubbing my back, tears feel from my eyes and stained my cheeks, my make-up was a mess but that was the last thing I cared about, I grabbed Louis' face and kissed him hard, he didn't stop me, he encouraged me.

"I love you" I told him

"I love you too" he said and the hospital doors swung open, all the guys and girls were there,

"Oh babe I’m so sorry" Perrie said walking over to me with the rest of the girls and hugging me

Everyone had tears streaming down their faces when the doctors came out and said that me and Louis could go in and see him.

We walked in hand in hand and saw Bentley's almost lifeless body lying on the white steal bed, my baby shouldn't be like this, he was happy and colourful, he never looked like this, it just wasn't him. I began to cry with Louis all over again, while Bentley sat there with tubes that helped him breath, I needed my baby to be ok.

The rest of them wanted to go in and see him but only two at a time, the couples went in and I would only let the in for2 minutes each, I wanted to get back in with my baby

"Babe do you want us all to stay?" Demi asked me while the rest of them nodded in agreement

"Yeah mate we'll stay for the both of you and Bentley" Harry said kissing Demi's cheek

"I really don't mind guys but you should get back, ten of us can't stay here" I said trying to stop my tears

"Why? He is a very special boy" Danielle said hugging me again

I wanted to break down and cry let everything out but I didn't, I just nodded instead

We feel asleep quickly and I felt tears land on my cheeks but the weren’t' mine, Louis was crying in his sleep

*Authors note*

ok guys i dunno about you but I actually did cry writing this, let me know what you think

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