Everyone knows about love and hate. One is happiness, flowers, kisses, and joy. The other is rudeness, slaps, punches, and pain. But no one knows Love and Hate. No one knows the battle. Love makes the world go 'round. But Hate is taking over. Can Love and the gods stop Hades and Hate?


1. Prologue

Love and Hate have been constant rivals since beginning of time. Wars and arguments are caused by the two.

For example, World War II. Hate took over Hitler's mind, and caused him to grow a hatred for Jews. Love, on the other hand, stayed in the shadows, pouncing on anyone she could to change their minds. Nazis, a Japanese soldier, even an American or two. What happened to me? I'm worthless! Love backed down, causing Hate to win. Love: 0, Hate: 1.

They seem like two teenage girls, though unseen from our mortal world. They attend school like you and me, and they have to complete work. Love is known as Liberty, and Hate is known as Hanna. Girly-girl and tomboy. Completely normal. Not.

Though, when Hate threatens Love for another battle, World War III, Love is not backing down. She needs to win, and she's not planning on losing.

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