Everyone knows about love and hate. One is happiness, flowers, kisses, and joy. The other is rudeness, slaps, punches, and pain. But no one knows Love and Hate. No one knows the battle. Love makes the world go 'round. But Hate is taking over. Can Love and the gods stop Hades and Hate?


2. Meet Love


My light pink top flew in the wind as I walked to school. I adjusted the weight of my violet purple backpack onto my other shoulder as I kicked rocks with my pink Toms. You're a failure. Aphrodite's voice rings in my ears. Hate has won too many times. I winced just thinking about it. I wish I was normal; not accountable for the feelings you are supposed to spread throughout the world.

Hate does a fine job of it.

I looked up at my high school. At least I've done a good job here. I brightened as I saw Mallory Davis kissing her new boyfriend Jake Curtis. Nicole Johnson and Lincoln Hines walked hand in hand to biology. The only place where I can be away from Hate. At school. My friend Jess Parker caught up to me. "What's up, Lib?" "Nothing, just thinking." I responded. "About what?" "U-uh, family problems." "Oh. Well, guess who asked me out?" I smiled a bit. "Who?" We walked into drama class. "Bryson Writ! The quarterback! Oh my gosh, Liberty, you have no idea how happy I am right now!" Jess jumps around for a second. Truth is, I do know how happy she was.

Known as Liberty in the mortal world, I'm practically the 'matchmaker' of the school. But they don't know who I am. I'm Love, for Pete's sake. I know the mythological gods that you think are fake, I know how to do magic, and I know every couple there is in the entire world. If only I could tell. Have the lovers on my side, the haters on Hate's side. But, no. Aphrodite says no. Valentine says no, and she's my younger sister!

So here I am, pretending to be Liberty Wallace, in New York. I'm supposed to cope to be someone I'm not. I guess I like it. After all, being known as the matchmaker and having everyone thank you is alright. But I want to be myself. Love For Eternity. Take out my wand, and make sure Hate knows that it's my job to keep this world running happily, not her destiny to fill it with hatred.

But I can't.

School whizzed by, and I said good bye to Jess and I scampered home. I wasn't surprised when she was on my porch. "Ah, Love. What a great job you've done this past year." Hate chuckled evilly, tossing her black hair over to her shoulder. "Hello, Hate." I clenched my fists.

You see, I can't hate Hate. I have to love Hate. If I hate her, it's one more level booster for her. But even now, I know there is a part of her deep down who loves me. After all, I'm Love. I should know that, right? Hate's blood red skinny jeans and dark grey high-low top was intimidating. Why such dark colors? My memory jogged again. She's Hate. She has to be dark and murky. 

"Hello, Love. I'm here to crush your living soul and make sure love never spreads around this world again." She stands up, her beat up black vans clomping as she neared me. "Why? I never did anything to you. Besides everyone has some sort of hate in themselves." I reasoned as I walked cautiously backwards. Hate's eyes flashed. "Say that again, pretty." She spat through clenched teeth. I shook my head. "I don't get it." I clutched my binder closer to my chest. "Just know this. Hades and I have got a plan. World War III. You and your stupid gods can't stop us. Got it?" I just stared. "You useless piece of trash." And with that, Hate walked down the street.

I rushed into my house. Home sweet home. I set down my books and bag, snapping my fingers. My papers swirled around and were piled neatly on the table. I smiled in achievement. I snapped my fingers again, and my red pencil started jotting down answers. I walked into my room, and I pulled my dresser open. I snatched the little blue card that read:

Mt. Olympus

Free pass

Lasts: God's choice

Name: Love For Eternity

God/descendent: descendent

If descendent, of who: Aphrodite


I held it tight before whispering,"Off." And I was whisked to Mt. Olympus, only to interrupt a fight. Anger boiled inside of me. "No hate!" I belched. The gods faced me, and I immediately sulked back. "I-I'm so-" "Silence. We understand." I let out a breath as Poseidon excused me. "Ah, Love. Progress?" Aphrodite stepped forward. "Much. Almost my entire school is in a relationship with someone." I smiled in achievement. "Progress very." Ares smirked. I wasn't very fond of Ares, but at least he cared for me, being with Aphrodite seemed to change his mind from Hate to me. "Ares, quiet now, the child is improving." Artemis scolded, winking at me. Artemis and I were close. Ares mumbled under his breath; something about 'it's my job'. Zeus stood up, signaling me towards him. I trembled as he took my shoulders. He turned me to a large window. "Tell me what you see." I did as I was told.

It was beautiful. A world where everyone was loved; no one was alone. I smiled. Red and pink were featured in flags, shirts, the latest fashions. Hearts were placed along trees, cars, doors...

I was jerked back to reality. I looked mournfully at Zeus, begging to see more of this world. "This is what too much is." I felt my heart drop to my stomach. Too much. It won't ever be real. I sighed. "But the right amount, Love, can keep Hate and Hades away from our world as a strong power. There will be little hate." He reasoned. I brightened a bit. Athena stood up. "Love, Hades and his minions are planning another war. World War III. Hate will be the head soldier. You must regain love into the mortal world before it's too late." Her silver dress flowed with the breeze from the open window. I gulped. You'd think saving the world with mystical powers is easy like in your fantasy books.

It's not.

"You are dismissed." Poseidon announced, and I was whisked back home, where I must now keep WWIII from beginning.


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