the movellas competion

Blurb: A competion so people on movellas are more known. There will be one winner but any of the contestants get a shout out. Read to find out how to enter or become a mentor.


2. the prizes

SO I haven’t really said the prize. Now as this is something to make people more popular it won’t be something delivered to you. The prizes will be sorted out by me and my co-author and main mentor plutopartay1. The winner will get shout outs on mine and plutopartay1’s blogs and some of the groups we are in. We will read your stories, give you feedback, fan you and write reviews on your stories. The winner will also get a mention in a story of their choice we have done and I will make them a cover for any of there stories. They also can be a character in one.

Second prize will get a mention in one of our books and a cover.

Apart from telling you the prizes I will tell you that plutopartay1 is the main mentor. You may not know what it is but she also owns it (As you can see she is a co-author) she helps me with the decisions. She will decided who will be the other mentors and contestants. If you have any questions please ask me or plutopartay1

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