the movellas competion

Blurb: A competion so people on movellas are more known. There will be one winner but any of the contestants get a shout out. Read to find out how to enter or become a mentor.


4. mentors

Hi so today is the day that we reveal who the mentors are. Me and my co-author have taken the time and here are the mentors:

Babsie (me)





I am sorry if you weren’t chosen for a mentor and we only had a few applicants. We had 2 people who didn’t get it aparupa chakravarty and Mia flora. So if they want to they can apply to be a contestant.

We have had hardly anyone want to be a contestant so if you want to be in this could you please post something on some of the groups you are on and on your mumble.

Contestant appliers you will know in a few weeks who you are. So please read.

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