the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


28. Niall’s pov chapter 24

I woke up to the sound of birds. My life has been perfect for about 2 months now. See me and Alexis have been going strong now for a month and the month before we got offered to do this so yeah. Anyways this day a month ago was when me and Alexis kissed for the first time, so today I want to do something very special for Alexis and then tell her I love her. See even thought we have only been dating for a month she everything I want in a girl and more, she pretty , fun to be around, loves food, is smart, has this drop dead voice, loves to sing, love music, and all these things are just the begging of her. So today I wanted to do something special to show her all of this . So I got up took a shower and went to work. I thought about this really hard and noticed that were in the middle of nowhere there’s not much I can do but then I thought were in the middle of nowhere there has got to be something to do . Then I came up with this, I’m taking Alexis to the top of the mountain have a picnic and then we can go cliff diving (if she wants ). When I came out of the shower I had two texts and one missed call all from Alexis

Hey Blondie hope your awake really miss you and happy 1 month

Hey you should be awake by now want to do something today

The last one made me laugh because she was asking me if I wanted to do something when I have been planning this day all week.  And then the one missed call. So as soon as I got dressed I called her.

“Hey pop start”

“Niall you were starting to worry me where have you been”

“I have been busy anyways yes I want to do something but I have something in mind if you’re up for it”

“Um ok what is it “

“We could take a nice long walk up the mountain”

“Sure and then we would be back in time for dinner”

I laughed she knew nothing and it was so cute

“What’s so funny”

“Nothing love ok so meet me at the lake“

“Ok “

“K bye babe”


I got to the lake before her but it didn’t take her long to get here and she looked great as always

“Hey Blondie”

“Hey pop star” I said with open arms as she gave me a hug she pulled back and looked into my eyes

“You look handsome”

“Not as drop dead gorgeous as you”

With this I kissed her and she melted in my arms(one of the best feelings ever) we were making out and I didn’t want to let go but I knew we had to be up the hill before sun set, so I slowly yet my lips drop and took in the air

“You ready”

She nodded and her face lit up with a smile and her eyes sparkled in the sun. I took her hand and we were off.(thank god I had already gone up with all the stuff this morning because when we got up there her eyes lit up and she looked at me

“Surprise” I said as we reached the top. She looked at me and then back at all the food and the candles and the blanket

 “Niall what is this”

“This is our dinner”

“Awe Niall”

Her eyes started to water and she gave me a hug, I wanted to tell her right then but I wanted to wait just a little longer

We ate and then I put everything away and laid beside her

“Hey pop star”

“Yeah “

“Happy anniversary baby” I gave her the locket that I had put my picture and hers in and carved I love you in the back . When she opened it I told her

“Alexis your everything to me and I love you “

She looked at me and kissed me, we made out again and then she stopped

“I love you too Niall” and with that I kissed her with every bit of love I had for her. Then sadly I let my lips drop

“ Want to do something fun and daring”

“What ?” she ask as a smile came to her face

  “Want to cliff dive”

The smile on her face got bigger as she nodded and got up

We walked to the edge of the cliff

“Get on my back” I said

She got on and she kissed my cheek

“Ready... set .... ”


We hit water and it was cool on my skin when I came to surface she was there smiling at me.

“That was so cool “

I swam to her and picked her up

“I love you Alexis I really do”

“I love you too Niall”

She kissed me and this time I didn’t let go until she wanted to get out of the water and that was the end to my perfect day with my prefect girl. 

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