the five missing pieces

its a one direction fanfic. its a romance about all of them, they go off to help teach at a summer camp and each of them finds a girl thought music in a different way. they have some troubles along the way and a lot of drama but that's what makes their summer fun.


15. Louis’s prov Chapter 14

After an amazing time by the lake with Allie I had to walk her back to her cabin for her to get ready. When I was on my way to the tour bus I ran into Kim  the lady from the news channel who was doing our interview, so I went up to say hello, (bad idea )

“Hello Kim”

“Louis dall face how are you”

 She pinched my cheeks and it hurt

“Good how are you”

“Oh stop you’re not in front of the camera you don’t have to be nice Louis”

“ What are you talking about I’m like this all the time”

“Ok whatever helps you sleep”

“So now you have three girls what a shock the fans won’t like that Louis trust me I know “

“What are you going on about now Kim I’m not with three girls”

“Oh sure  you are Louis there Charlet who you were with the week you were in NYC  and you didn’t dump her and then there’s Maddy who you were with at the thanksgiving ball, who you never broke up with if anything you have more than three”

I was taking in all that she had told me and thought really hard and she was right, I'm in deep shit if anyone finds out  I had to tell at least Allie before the interviews because I know she'll bring it up.

“Louis what are you doing and who were you talking too “

I was so lost in thought I didn’t see Kim leave or Allie show up great

‘Um Allie we need to talk and it’s important and I don’t want you to get mad”

“ Well whatever it is it has to wait till after the interview because we don’t have time”

She said grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the bus. Crap I'm died I'm so died I needed to tell Allie before Kim told her.

“Allie wait this is important and it’s about the interview”

“Louis don’t worry whatever it is we will face it together so come on”

I hoped she was right. We went in there to find Niall and Alexis sitting there and two empty chairs beside them. I wonder what they had to say

“Hello I'm Kim clouds  and were here with 2/5 of one direction Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan here with two drop died girls with breaking news. So boys what brings you here to me , Niall sweet heart how are you , haven’t seen you here since you broke up with Mia how have you been?”

“ I've been great Kim and your looking great yourself”

“Oh stop.... and Louis my playboy how are things haven’t seen you here well your always here so I have seen you  ha ha ha get it”

“Yup I get it Kim I never get tired of seeing your pretty face”

“Oh please , now let’s talk to the pretty faces sitting next to you two who do we have here”

She pointed to Alexis first, thank god but so far so good will see what happens

“This Kim is my new girlfriend Alexis she great and everything I want her to be and she’s all mine”

“Here that girls Niall Horan is off the shelf, now who do we have here”

She pointed to Allie, (wish me luck)

  “This is Allie she is smart and everything I want her to be and she my new girlfriend”

“ Hear that everyone Louis has yet another girlfriend let’s see how long this one last “

Well that’s all we have time for thank you Canada I'm Kim and that was your latest update from ONE DIRECTION.

I didn’t even have time to get up and she was gone. As soon as Kim left I ran out the door and into the woods I knew Allie wouldn't go back to her cabin so she went to the only other place up the hill.

“Allie” I said as I found her she was sitting on a rock in the woods

“Go away Louis “

“Allie it’s not what you think”


“I know but I'm that guy I didn’t lie Kim just hates us that’s all she likes to make my life harder this is what I wanted to talk to you about “

“OH SURE SO YOU CAN HIDE UP YOUR LIES WITH THAT WHY DIDN'T NIALL HAVE TO GO FIND A CRYING ALEXIS ,OH YEAH BECAUSE HE HAS NOTHING TO HIDE ... look I hope your happy with whoever doesn't mind your lies, but I'm don’t and I'm sure I have given you an earful hope you use it”


“don’t Louis don’t follow me don’t text me, pretend like I'm not here and don’t worry ill do the same and it shouldn't be that hard just find another girl and you’ll be on your way”

And with that she left  

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